Local County Commissioners Passed Ordinance to Block Federal Gun Control Laws

If you don’t live in the Cincinnati tri-state area, chances are you’ve never heard of Franklin County, Indiana or their county seat of Brookville.  The population of Franklin County (named after Benjamin Franklin) is around 23,000, with about 2,600 of them living in Brookville.  To most outsiders, the county is no more than a quaint rural place on the outer fringes of the greater Cincinnati area.

According to a recent report, there are two things that the residents of Franklin County take very seriously: God and guns.  The county has a strong Baptist influence as they were among the early settlers in 1797.  Next to God, Franklinites value their constitutional right to own and bear arms.  It is estimated that nearly 75% of the county residents own firearms and they are very concerned about the proposed federal gun control laws being put forth by Congress and President Barack Obama.

To protect the citizens of Franklin Count from having their constitutional rights infringed upon, the County Commissioners voted unanimously to pass the 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance.  The ordinance states that all federal and state laws, acts or orders regarding firearms is an infringement on the Second Amendment and will not be enforced in Franklin County.

Commissioner Scott McDonough told the local news:

“All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, etc., regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment.”

Commissioner Tom Wilson added:

“It’s the feelings of the citizens of Franklin County that we support the 2nd amendment which is the right to keep and bear arms. So we wanted to protect our citizens for that right. And pass these feelings[s] along to the state and the federal government.”

Legally, the County Commissioners cannot determine what is or isn’t constitutional, but they are taking measures to protect their citizens accordingly.  However, according to a Supreme Court ruling, county sheriffs are the ultimate law enforcement officers in their counties and they do have the legal right not to enforce federal laws that they feel are unjust or unconstitutional.  Franklin County Sheriff Joe Webb said that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and he intends to do just that.

It seems that a bill, similar to the Franklin County ordinance has been introduced into the Indiana state legislature.  Hopefully it will be passed and signed into law and protect every Indiana gun owner from having to forfeit their Second Amendment rights.

Sadly, my state has a very liberal Democratic governor whose lips are firmly planted on Obama’s rear end, so it is unlikely any such measure will be passed here.  However, there are a lot of redneck hillbillies in this state who would rather shoot than comply with the proposed gun laws.  Our Founding Fathers felt they had no choice but to fight against tyranny and I hate to see it come to that, but I’m sure that if the new executive orders and proposed gun laws are passed, it will come to a fight when they try to enforce it.