Local Black Politicians Actually Believe They Have Leverage in Demanding ‘Bacon’ from Obama

Remember, folks, we live in an age when the truth is to be silenced, our minds insulated from it by our teachers, our media, our government, so it is entirely understandable why Mitt Romney’s remark a few weeks ago–that President Obama won re-election by promising gifts to all who would vote for him–was met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

It does not matter how often we provide evidence to the truth in Romney’s assessment of the election, for those who find offense in facts find solace only in isolating themselves.

Therefore the following example of the accuracy in Romney’s “gifts” remark is not given in order for liberals to learn, but for yet another reason: for conservatives to relish our rightness.

As reported by Detroit’s Fox News affiliate (there, that ought to have cleared the liberals from the room), Joann Watson of the Detroit city council is seen and heard on video in a council meeting saying, “After the election of Jimmy Carter, the Honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went in Washington, D.C., he came back home with some bacon.”

This was followed by revival-style “that’s rights” and “mm-hmms” from her fellow council members.

She continued: “That’s whatchu do. That’s whatchu do….Our people, in an overwhelming way, supported the re-election of this president”–more “mmms!” from her Baptist choir–”and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that. Of course not just that, but why not?”

What she was doing was asking for a bailout. A handout. A free ride. Black people–her people, as she is proud to remind us–threw their unconditional support behind the man with the melanin level most comparable to theirs, and now they want some money in return. A gift, one might say.

It brings to mind an article I read two weeks ago by Suzanne Gamboa for the Associated Press, headlined “Black voters look to leverage their loyalty.” It begins:

“When black voters gave President Barack Obama 93 percent support on Election Day in defiance of predictions that they might sit it out this year, black leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief. That encouraged those leaders to try to leverage more attention from both Obama and Congress.”

I’ll put aside how patronizing it is for liberals to think blacks need “leaders” and will instead focus on the comical belief held by those “leaders” that they have any leverage over Obama whatsoever.

Blacks had leverage before Election Day 2012, perhaps more leverage than any other voter bloc. If Obama did not get done in his first term what they wanted done, they, if they were smart, would make public their refusal to vote for him a second time. That’s leverage. Blacks flushed that right down the drain by throwing themselves at Obama’s feet and allowing him to own them as if they were slaves. They promised to support him no matter what. Now they believe they have leverage in his second term? Why? Is it because if he doesn’t do what they want, they won’t vote for him when he makes his third-term bid?

Texas Governor Rick Perry may be operating on half a brain hemisphere, but at least he was capable of realizing he made a mistake, something these people never will, when he muttered that famous line: “Oops.”