Local Abortion Clinic Closing Turning into Issue in Ohio Governor’s Race

I live in northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Consequently, most of the local news we get is more Ohio centered than Kentucky centered.  We also hear more about Ohio politics than Kentucky politics, which isn’t that big of a deal since Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Steve Beshear is such a close Obama follower that sometimes I think he’s attached to Obama’s hiney if you know what I mean.

The Ohio news is already talking about one issue that seems to be a topic of this year’s race for governor of the Buckeye state.  Last June, the Republican controlled Ohio General Assembly passed a two year budget bill which was signed by Republican Governor John Kasich.  Contained in the budget bill was a provision to restrict the amount of healthcare funding that goes to Planned Parenthood.

Another provision required all abortion clinics to have a doctor with hospital privileges on staff.  Without hospital privileges, abortion clinics would not be allowed to operate in the state of Ohio.  At the time the bill was passed, there were 14 abortion clinics in Ohio.  Three have already closed up shop and 4 more are in some stage of review.  That would reduce the number of abortion clinics from 14 to 7, and none of those still operating are in the Cincinnati general area.

There are only two abortion clinics in the general Cincinnati area and their doctors do not have hospital admitting privileges.  In one of those cases, all but one of the surrounding hospitals are Catholic run and do not permit abortions.  The other hospital has refused to grant hospital privileges to the abortion clinic doctor.

Perhaps the reason the abortion clinic in Sharonville, a suburb of Cincinnati can’t get hospital privileges is due to the doctor at the clinic, Dr. Martin Haskell.  Two years ago, Haskell ended up calling 9-1-1 to get help for a patient that had gone into status epilepticus which is a medical emergency that is considered a life threatening condition where the brain is in a state of constant seizure that is either unending or continues to occur over a 30 minute period.

In most cases, after 5 minutes of continuous seizure, the condition will not let up without medical intervention.  After just 5 minutes of constant brain seizure, damage can start to occur to the neurons.  The woman at the clinic had been experiencing the condition for an unspecified period of time after coming out of anesthesia.  Paramedics had to give the patient lifesaving treatment at the clinic before transporting her to a nearby hospital.

The clinics are supposed to shut their doors in the next couple of weeks, but have filed motions for reviews with the State Health Department.  As long as their cases are being reviewed they will be allowed to keep their doors open so they can continue to murder more unborn babies.

Ed FitzGerald, a Democratic candidate for governor recently told reporters:

“Unfortunately, it keeps getting tougher and tougher and tougher for women to avail themselves of rights that they believed they were entitled to.  So I think it’s putting the issue front and center. … I can’t think of a health care restriction that has been proposed or supported by Governor Kasich that specifically targets or affects men.”

In essence what FitzGerald is saying is that it’s getting harder and harder for women in Ohio to murder their babies and liberals like him aren’t happy about it.  But when Gov. Kasich signed the budget bill last year, he simply said that he was pro-life and left it at that.

Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life commented about FitzGerald’s statement, saying:

“These Democratic candidates and their party bosses have turned their collective backs on rural and moderate voters who believe 25,000 abortions in Ohio last year is a tragedy.”

Matt Borges, Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party added:

“[Democrats are] saying that those who believe in life are not welcome in the Democratic Party or in a state they would govern.”

Although I don’t live in Ohio, I’m pleased to see the number of abortion clinics cut in half and hopefully drop to zero in the very near future.  If the abortion issue becomes a key point in the governor’s race, it will be interesting to see just how the election goes in November.