If You Like Hollywood Morality, the Democratic Party Is the Place for You

If you want to know if just about anything is good or bad, a shortcut method is to look at who supports that thing, whatever it may be.

If a bunch of little kids like a movie of which you know only the title but not the plot, you can safely assume it’s a kid’s movie. If you don’t like kid’s movies, then you know you won’t like this movie even though you know nothing about it other than that kids like it.

We all do it, don’t we? Making quick judgments like that? Here’s a better example: Justin Bieber. Sir Bieber hangs out with a posse as if he’s a thug. He doesn’t go anywhere without them. We all know what kind of person Bieber is—spoiled, bratty, self-centered, inconsiderate, ungracious, hypersexual, aggressively insolent, bellicose, vulgar…I could go on.

If you knew all that stuff about Bieber and then learned that he has a posse, you could very quickly and accurately deduce that his posse are equally—let’s just simplify it here—not good. They have each made their own judgments of Bieber and decided they like the lad. This tells you all you need to know about who they are.

So for me, ever since I was about 12 or so, before I was political at all, one of the things that was the most suspect about the Democratic Party was that nearly all of Hollywood are members of it. I knew nothing about Democrats or Republicans, but I knew that Hollywood was corrupt.

I knew Hollywood (my synonym for celebrities of all types, no matter what city they reside in) to be into drugs, into new sexual partners every weekend, into having kids with a boyfriend or girlfriend they’ve dated for six months and then splitting up a year after that. Hollywood trafficked in violence, greed, propaganda, prostitution (movie roles for sexual favors; plus, go ahead and try arguing that all the female pop stars, who make money partly for dancing lasciviously, aren’t a breed of prostitute).

And all but a busload of these people are Democrats. The Democratic Party appeals to these thoroughly unappealing people.

Most people, even the average, everyday Democrats, readily acknowledge the corruption of Hollywood. These same people, however, regularly make judgments of people based on their associations. So it seems there is a lapse of that judgment when it comes to judging Democrats.

If you make the natural and reasonable assumption that persons or groups who find favor with contemptible persons or other groups are themselves probably contemptible, then there is no reason at all you should affiliate with the Democratic Party. If, on the other hand, you think Hollywood is a standard of morality that the rest of society should strive for, then the Democratic Party is unquestionably the one for you.