The Lies We Are Fed By “Science” TV

How twisted does our history become when there is no one to prove what happened? When a certain class, a certain group is designated as the history writers, how much are you willing to trust what you are told is true? We take it all for granted most of the time. We read some historical fact—or some fact that we are told is historical. I guess not even a fact, a piece of information—and it is stored away immediately in the recesses of our information banks, without concern for its legitimacy, or even cause for alarm. But what is really true?

That is the question I constantly ask myself whenever I watch, or read anything that has to do with science. More specifically, when subject matter has to deal with science, and the church (usually the Catholic Church), I have reached a point where I have become very reticent to accept any information without first corroborating it elsewhere. Because there are agendas at work. There are those who hate religion so much that they will do anything to discredit it.

According to Breitbart, the recent Cosmos reboot on Fox has been receiving some criticism for their depiction of the Catholic Church. And, get this—the criticism isn’t just from Catholics. Some liberal outlets, like Slate, are pointing out the inaccuracies of the miniseries. Basically, the series is using the age-old “Catholics-hated-science-and-tried-to-destroy-anyone-who-dared-think-for-themselves” tactic. This tactic is so common, it has become cliche. But what concerns me the most aren’t the lies, or historical distortions, but how readily they are being accepted by the public.

Think about it: the Catholics-hates-science mantra has become so ingrained in our collective conscious that we don’t even think about the possibility that it’s mostly lies. We sit back, and listen to what we’re told by Cosmos without a second thought. We just assume that because it happened hundreds of years ago, whomever the information is coming from is reliable. History is history, and we are being given an accurate portrayal. But that is rarely the case.

Think about this: how often is anything we hear not tainted with some sort of bias? Pretty much never. So why would we think any differently when it comes to events that happened long ago? The information is still being framed by modern bias, conceived by modern agendas.

Cosmos is just one of the numerous “scientific” programs we watch. With the Discovery channel, the History channel, and their copies, we are subject to a stream of information which is all up to interpretation, and biases. Don’t ever underestimate them power of an agenda. The Left despises faith, and religion, and they will insert their agenda into whatever they do—even into what should be “historical.” Don’t be a sheep. Cut through the BS, and find the truth yourself, because God knows if what we’re being told is even remotely close to reality.