Liberty and Morality Are At War and It’s Costing Conservatives Elections

In the past, I have had many conversations with members of the so called right wing conservative movement called the Tea Party. As much as I agree with what they support, I have come to the conclusion that they all missed a golden opportunity to participate in the larger battles being waged in American society during the election; the moral battles that shape our national conscience and draw distinct lines between conservative ideology and liberty’s accommodation.

Our nation has been divided by forces that have hijacked liberty and re-shaped it into an anti-morality movement of sorts. The ability to act or think without government constraints (liberty) will never be honored or respected by an immoral people who substitute convenience for consequence. Likewise ignoring social issues influence on both our governing agenda and elections and expecting fiscal restraint is another foolish wish.

Wade into the conversation about the limited government and fiscal responsibility with a Tea Party member and you will find a lot of common sense ideas and principles. However, if you ask a Tea Partier what their opinion on abortion or gay marriage might be, you will more than likely get a dodge instead of an answer. My favorite is “what two people do in the privacy of their home is none of my business.”

My problem with the some Tea Party conservatives is that they are only partially conservative, yet they characterize themselves as true conservatives. They like to say “I’m fiscally conservative and socially moderate.” Somewhere in their argument for limited government they seem to have turned their back on moral issues; the issues that shape our views on solutions and future trends in governing. To me the Tea Party is a moderate group whose focus is purely fiscal restraint and smaller government. A true conservative is not wishy-washy on social issues. A true conservative is predisposed to protect tradition; all traditions, not just the ones you agree with.

It’s been said you can’t legislate morality. As hard as we try in America and as many laws as we pass somebody somewhere will have out of wedlock sex and become pregnant. This is nothing new. It was going on long before our ancestors came to our shores. So why is it so important now? Why is it important for a candidate (or their political party) to have a position on abortion or gay marriage? Does being pro-life over pro-abortion or supporting traditional marriage make for better leaders? Of course it does. Americans who fail to take a stand on social issues and demand that their candidates do the same are playing right into the hands of a Democrat Party; a party devoid of honor and decency.

It’s time that conservatives took the moral battle to the Democrats and anyone else who pretends to be conservative. We have been too polite for too long; and further accommodation by politically correct candidates will only duplicate the loss America experienced earlier this month.

Barack Obama didn’t win the election because he was the better candidate. President Obama defeated Mitt Romney because Obama was the immoral candidate that appealed to an immoral class of Americans. He was aided in part by those among us (social moderates) who think that moral issues are tertiary considerations. The battle that was waged for control of our government and restoration of our Republic was lost to those Americans who want our society to pay for the consequences of poor decisions. We have become the country of free second and third chances. And we continue to turn our backs on the moral character that is necessary to preserve every American’s freedom of choice and movement.

So the next time someone you know demands fiscal responsibility and accountability from limited government ask them where they stand on abortion and gay marriage. Odds are if they support it (socially moderate) they could give a hoot about liberty unless it means they have to pay higher taxes and give up their gun rights.