Libertarians Swung Virginia to the Democrat

My homestate of Virginia is reliably unreliable in elections.

We currently have a Republican governor, for example, and the two governors before him were Democrats and the two before them were Republicans. The governor-elect, Terry McAuliffe, is a Democrat.

The incumbent lieutenant governor is a Republican. Before him was a Democrat, before him was another Republican, and before him were four more Democrats. The lieutenant-governor-elect taking the reins from the current Republican is a Democrat.

The current attorney general is a Republican, as were the eight AGs before him. The attorney-general-elect is a Republican as well, but because he’s only 0.5 percentage points ahead of the Democrat, a recount is all but guaranteed and could very well give us a Democratic AG.

So as you can see, Virginia is one of the swingin’est of swing states.

I’ve written previously about and received lots of crap for my plan to vote for the Democrat in the governor’s race. (Side note: I ended up staying home that day.) But that doesn’t mean I didn’t still feel defeated when fellow right-winger Cuccinelli was defeated; it was in my mind that I wanted McCauliffe to win, but not in my heart. That said, the election for governor should not have played out as it did.

There is one reason and one reason alone why McAuliffe won the election, and that is because of LINO (Libertarian In Name Only) candidate Robert Sarvis, who took 6.52 percent of the vote. Since Libertarians tend to siphon conservative votes, not liberal votes, away from Republican candidates, it’s safe to say that if Sarvis were not in the picture, McAuliffe’s 2.48-point lead over Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli would have been turned into a 4.04-point lead for Cuccinelli.

That’s something for Libertarian party-liners to think long and hard about, because Sarvis not only was not a libertarian, but his campaign received the most funds from the Libertarian Booster PAC, which received most of its funds from a Joe Liemandt, who was one of President Obama’s top campaign donors in 2012. Robert Sarvis was a Democratic Party plant, and libertarian idiots fell for him. That is why McAuliffe, with his slim margin, won the governorship.

In addition to all of that, Virginia also held elections for the House of Delegates. The result is that Democrats gained one seat, winning it by 1.38 percentage points.

If we can multiply these Democratic victories in 2014, America will sooner feel the heat of the fire that liberalism will set to the country, and in 2020, perhaps even as soon as 2016, conservatives just might be able to regain control of things. More drastic measures are needed than merely trying to convince people that liberalism is bad. That tactic simply…isn’t…working. People need to feel it, not be told it. With the election on Tuesday of more Democratic leaders, we’re on our way to that pain, which will ultimately save us.