To Liberals, A Woman Is Just A Uterus

The Liberal’s dictionary defines Misogyny as: “When a Conservative man demeans a woman.”

Among the endless examples of Liberal double standards, one of the most sick is the demeaning of Conservative women. To a Liberal, a woman is not a woman if she is Conservative. If a woman is Conservative, she is a traitor, or she has been brainwashed. Given that, it becomes entirely acceptable to say despicable things about conservative women without the repercussions one might expect from bashing a Liberal woman.

Last Friday, Martin Bashir crossed the line when he suggested that Sarah Palin deserved to have someone defecate and urinate in her eyes and mouth. This was in response to an innocuous comment Palin made, comparing debt to a form of slavery. Of course, following public outcry from Conservatives, he has since apologized.

The interesting part is that not a single women’s group came to Palin’s defense. Being that most women’s groups are radically liberal, that makes sense. The double standard is at play. Knowing this double standard well, MSNBC—home of Martin Bashir—promoted Bashir’s disgusting tirade by officially tweeting a link to the video online. Once again, no women’s groups have complained.

The origin of this double standard is simple hatred. The Left despises any woman who would dare to step outside the confines of the Liberal plantation. The Left has set up a standard which all women must follow. They must believe in abortion on demand. If they don’t, they must be self-loathing, or brainwashed, or stupid. They must believe in free, government-subsidized birth control. If they don’t, same deal. To the Left, women are entirely sexual objects whose beliefs must only hinge on their reproductive systems. If a woman dares to think for herself, she becomes a target.

Sarah Palin is a strong woman, and the Left cannot abide that. Because they cannot attack her for her beliefs—because theirs are indefensible—they resort to filth. It has become an acceptable and even promoted exercise to target Conservative women with vile comments. Unfortunately, many women have fallen victim to this Leftist con, contributing to the smears of Conservative women.

Martin Bashir is just another Liberal misogynist who delights in perpetuating the falsehood that women are nothing more than a uterus.