Liberals Want Us To Feel Bad For Speaking English

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

Several people have said this before me, but I’ll parrot the sentiment: liberalism is a mental disorder. Either that, or liberals are all criminal masterminds, whose winding intellectual capabilities transcend my thinking. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. There is a certain insanity that comes with ideas like socialized healthcare, while at the same time; much of liberal ideology is really just a foil for a grander scheme. The lowers (your average, everyday low-information liberal voter) seem to actually believe the propaganda spit out by the highers (the leaders of the liberal movement). In that way, they are not so much insane as sadly ignorant. The highers are the masterminds. They lie like it’s a bodily function.

Every liberal idea is built upon an alternate agenda. Decipher the code, and you can understand the real motivation behind their seemingly insane ideology. For instance, according to Breitbart, a California state senator believes that teaching children in English is…get this…tyranny.

The Chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus [Ricardo Lara] believes requiring schools to teach kids in English is a form of ‘linguistic tyranny’ that needs to be abolished.”

Here’s a quote directly from the horse’s mouth—sorry, the Caballo’s mouth:

“[It’s] linguistic tyranny, where we [politicians] decide what language our kids are going to learn.”

I could talk about how learning English in an English speaking country is necessary to survive. I could point out how it’s linguistic tyranny (to use his term) to expect an English speaking country to cater to people who refuse to learn the language of the nation in which they live. Or, I could just call him a moron for believing something so idiotic in the first place. All of those are valid points, but I want to know why. What is his motivation?

As I see it, the motivation behind ideas like Senator Lara’s is to denigrate what it means to be American. Liberals hate America as it is. They want a Marxist paradise, which conforms to their world view. But, as Saul Alinsky (the terrorist who is much admired by Obama) knows very well, to create a new nation, one must first destroy the old nation.

Part of every nation’s identity is its language. By targeting American English, the extremist left is trying to devalue who we are as a people. They are dressing it up as inclusionist policy, but in reality, it’s an insidious ploy against America as a sovereign nation. It’s the opposite of inclusion, it’s divisive. The left wants a homogenized world in which we are all sharing, no one is rich, nothing belongs to anyone, and we all give every penny to the federal government—because, we all know that the Feds know best what to do with our money.

Targeting English is just one piece of a much larger plan to devalue our nation, so that it can be molded into a Marxist utopia. By telling us that we are being cruel to force English on our children, the left is attempting to make us feel bad, so that we don’t fight their encroaching ideology. And those who dare to fight are called racists, and xenophobes.

Don’t feel bad. This is America, and we speak English.