Liberals Want Texas to Secede, Conservatives Want Texas to Secede–Let It!

President Obama had his first press briefing today since being re-elected. Most of the questions involved the resignation of disgraced CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and the possibility of Ambassador Susan Rice taking Secretary Clinton’s position when she resigns in January.

They were generally good questions with Obama giving generally bland, repetitive answers and rehashing old buzzwords like “hostage” (the rich want to hold the middle class hostage!), but one thing I would have liked to hear was a question on 50 of our 57 states having filed secession petitions with the White House’s website.

I generally think petitions are pointless and fruitless, especially ones over the Internet, and doubly especially ones created by conservatives beseeching a liberal president. But it’s a big deal that 50 states have such official petitions. It’s a first in our history and certainly newsworthy, its lack of news coverage notwithstanding.

Two states, Texas and Louisiana, have met the 25,000 signatures required for the White House to “consider” the petitions.

If Obama’s permission were needed for a state to secede, he definitely would not “consider” the motion just because 25,000 signatures were received. That’s a guarantee.

Luckily, states do not need permission from the federal government to secede from the nation. If a state no longer wants participation in the federal government and wants to form its own nation, it can, no permission needed.

Liberals on the Internet are mocking the fact that all these states want to secede–particularly Texas. Liberals detest Texas, and they’ll be the first ones to admit it. But then why wouldn’t they want Texas to secede?

Theory: The reason is probably along the lines of not wanting to face any potential disaster that US might face if one of the world’s strongest economies (yes, Texas) leaves the Union. Much like liberals’ relationship with the rich–liberals hate rich people, but they don’t actually want rich people not to exist. If the rich leave the country, so do all the jobs. So liberals want to enjoy the benefits of the existence of the wealthy, but they don’t want to share air with them. That’s their attitude towards the idea of Texas’ secession.

There are other petitions on the White House’s website that ask the government to charge with treason those who signed secession petitions. Others ask for the federal government to revoke American citizenship of all secession-petition signers.

But treason is specifically prohibited in the Constitution and secession is specifically permitted in it. Only a liberal would consider the desire to secede on par with treason. But then, only a liberal would be so ignorant of such basic constitutional facts.

Alas, this whole secession thing is not going to happen. Texas Governor Rick Perry says the Union is fine the way it is and that they will not secede, and that’s probably what all the other governors will end up saying.

So there goes that dream.