Liberals Use The Word “Choice” To Make Murder Sound Cool!

Life is one long sequence of innumerable choices, linked together by the results of those choices. With every decision we make, we are denying dozens of other possible options. Generally, that’s not a problem. Our daily choices don’t usually have negative repercussions. The word “choice” has become such a common part of our vernacular that we don’t even notice when it is being used against us. Of course I’m talking about “choice” in terms of politics, more specifically, abortion.

The Left has used the word “choice” to describe abortion for quite some time now: “a woman’s choice,” “reproductive choice.” What Liberals will not do is describe what “choice” is. The choice they are speaking of is the choice between having a baby, and not having a baby. The means by which you do not have a baby is abortion. Abortion is the termination/execution of an infant in the womb. Choice!

According to Town Hall:

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts, in a recent segment regarding North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s decision to sign pro-life legislation into law, lambasted the bill as restricting women’s access to ‘choice providers,’ AKA abortion clinics.”

This is the exact quote from Roberts:

So there is only one that currently meets that benchmark which means that this is going to be the only clinic in the state for women in North Carolina for seeking out choice…How do you respond to that with such a dramatic closure of access to choice providers for women?

Words are extremely important because they are our most effective way to convey meaning, to describe the world around us and to describe what we believe to be the truth. The scary part about words is that they can be twisted to disguise something ugly and disgusting as something mundane and possibly even beautiful. Think about it: “reproductive choice” is the same thing as “abortion,” but it sounds so much better, almost nice.

The word “abortion” has a negative connotation, probably because the act of clamping off limbs and removing brains with a sharp suction device is a negative thing. So, because the word has gained such a bad reputation, the Left—slowly and methodically—began to use the word “choice.”

In my experience, people don’t have the need to cover something up if it’s not ugly. If something is lovely or beautiful—or even neutral—one does not often have to hide it. For example, Liberals are widely unsupportive of laws that would require a woman to have an ultrasound prior to having an abortion. Why is this? If “choice” is such a wonderful thing, if it is a right of women, why fight so hard against an ultrasound? If it is not a life, who cares?

Liberals care, because they know deep down inside that abortion is murder, and that 78% of women who have an ultrasound before having an abortion decide not to go through with it. In addition, fewer women having abortions mean less money in their pockets.

Bottom line: We need to be wary of the way in which the Left uses words. The Left is cunning, and they will do whatever it takes to manipulate the public into accepting abortion—excuse me, choice—as an average, run of the mill procedure.

Choices have consequences. Don’t be led to believe that the “choice” to kill an infant doesn’t have consequences. Choice is murder.