Liberals Unable to Name 1 Accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Before the final votes were tallied in November 2012, Democrats started touting Hillary Clinton as the favorite for the 2016 nomination.  Most Democrats fail to realize her connection to Muslim terrorists or her failure and attempted cover up of the Benghazi disaster.  They don’t care that she defended her husband’s sexual permissiveness in the Oval Office or for how rudely she treats her military escorts and other staff.

So what makes Hillary so popular as the Democratic frontrunner for president in 2016?

I don’t think there is a more liberal network than MSNBC with people like lesbian activist Rachel Maddow. Knowing their leftist views, I was surprised when Bill Kristol stated on Morning Joe:

“…and Hillary Clinton was a failure as Secretary of State so why is Hillary Clinton so well qualified to be president?  What achievement, seriously, what achievement, one sentence, what had Hillary Clinton done, what’s her achievement to qualify her to be president of the United States?”

The others on the show, including host Joe Scarborough, literally danced around the question and gave a few generalities, but could not name 1 outstanding achievement of Hillary Clinton during her term as Secretary of State.  Chuck Todd commented that Clinton played a much quieter role as Secretary of State than John Kerry as if to defray the question.

Seems to me that the majority of times we heard Hillary speaking out about anything, it was to condemn others for violating the human rights of women and Muslims, or when she kept lying about her role in Benghazi.  I don’t recall her ever speaking to condemn the violation of human rights of Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Indonesia, and half a dozen other nations.

Can you name any achievements Hillary made that qualify her to be president?  All of the ones I can list make her the worst candidate for president.  To start with, what about the way she lied to the families of the four Americans slain in Benghazi?  When their bodies arrived here in the US, Clinton, Obama and then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta promised to keep the families informed and tell them the truth about what happened and how their sons were killed.

Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith testified that Clinton and Obama had betrayed and lied to her about how her son was killed.  After being promised to be kept informed, Smith never heard another word from any of the three leaders, including Hillary.

Then there is Hillary’s achievement of placing a Muslim, with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, as her top aide and confidant while serving as Secretary of State.  Her aide, Huma Abedin, whose mother is an active member of the Muslim Sisterhood, had access to all of Hillary’s top secret materials and plans.

In fact, Hillary’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has led Egyptian lawyers to seriously consider filing charges against Hillary Clinton, as they already have against President Barack Obama, in international court for their involvement in crimes against the people of Egypt.

When you look at Hillary’s achievements, it seems to me that she is more of a candidate to be tried for treason than to run for president.  Now if only the rest of America could see the truth about Hillary’s real achievements, we wouldn’t have to worry about her in 2016.