Liberals Taking Away the Freedom of Choice from Employees

There has been much hubbub, brouhaha, and yes, even some ballyhoo over Michigan’s recent passage of right-to-work (RTW) legislation, which prohibits unions from forcing the joining of a union as a requirement to work. In other words, the legislation takes a good step away from the fascism that liberals hold so dear.

This is where the aforementioned hoopla comes into play.

Union members, more commonly and accurately referred to as goons or thugs, protested on Tuesday the bill that was to be signed later that day by Gov. Rick Snyder. In other words, union members were freely associating with one another to protest a bill that permits others to freely associate or not associate with whomever they want or don’t want, and not have that association prevent them from having a job. Such is the obliviousness and selfishness of liberal union thugs.

And much thuggery did abound, as is always the case when unions don’t get their way.

When Fox News contributor and comedian Stephen Crowder tried to stop the primitives from tearing down the tent set up by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, he was calmly shoved and punched in the face, thus surpassing the number of violent incidents committed in the past four years by Tea Party members.

Even a state representative by the name of Douglas Geiss warned in a speech on the House floor, “There will be blood.” Yes, he is an actual elected official. It goes without saying that he is a Democrat in support of union violence.

I don’t understand how anybody could be opposed to RTW laws. Let me rephrase: I understand that money is the driving force of opposition against RTW laws, but I don’t understand how anybody could be so bold as to oppose them publicly. When you oppose RTW laws, you are acknowledging that, well, you believe people should be forced into unions, which supposedly care for their members. It is not that RTW laws prohibit employees from joining unions; on the contrary, they free the employees to make their own choices—you know, those things liberals are always saying they are pro-, but which all their actions show otherwise.

If it were possible to rationalize with union members, one might try and point out that if his union is so good, it will retain its membership even with RTW laws in place, and he’ll get to keep all his extravagant benefits from the money being funneled to him. If his union is not so good, it will lose its membership.

But notice that liberals always go the route of government force when trying to solve their dilemmas rather than trying to improve themselves. Case in point: using the government to force unionization so that employees have no choice but to join rather than making their unions desirable to be a member of so that people will want to join.