Liberals Rip Michelle Bachmann As She Decides Not To Seek Re-election

Ai Weiwei said: “If we all say the same thing, then I think the government has to listen. But because no one is saying it, I become singled out, even though what I’m saying is common sense. It’s very essential values that we all have to protect.”

It’s a hard sell; taking up your roots, slinging on your weaponry, and going to battle in the federal government. Very few people are cut out to be in the House, or the Senate; which means that those who have the spine and fortitude have an obligation to—at the very least—try. Unfortunately, it seems like almost every member of the political class is out to do us harm; trying their level best to screw us over. It is rare indeed to find an aggressive, vocal politician whose heart matches their appearance as a human being.

Michelle Bachmann, for all her faults, is a woman worth her salt. No matter the circumstances, she sticks to her guns. Her formation of the Tea Party Caucus and stern opposition to Obamacare has made her a constant stick in the President’s craw. Like stepping on a nail, Michelle Bachmann continually sent shocks up the spines of complacent Liberals. That is why it is truly unfortunate that she will not be seeking re-election next year.

You know you’ve been a burden to the Left when the second you announce your plans to leave government (in other words, to get out of the hair of the Liberals), the attack dogs are sent anyway. In the Liberal mind, a reputation like Bachmann’s must be tarnished. Michael Tomasky, in an article for The Daily Beast, has some nasty things to say regarding Bachmann, and her faith:

It’s easy to make fun of her, and I’m certainly not above that…I also made the opposite mistake with her: I took her presidential candidacy more seriously than it deserved to be taken…To me, the most important thing about what Bachmann represents is the profoundly undemocratic impulse of adopting a world view that took her own personal life experience and attempted to impose its lesson on the rest of us…When she was 14, Bachmann’s father, whom she’d adored, left her family. They became impoverished. It probably didn’t help that dad was a liberal. Two years later, she joined a prayer group, and she found a man to take Daddy’s place.”

Tomasky then quotes a portion of a speech made by Bachmann in 2006, in which she talks about her father’s abandonment, and finding a new father in Christ.

“…I think it’s probably fair to conclude in her case that she wasn’t in politics to build senior centers or alter Medicare. She was in politics to give people fathers in Jesus, to give them her experience…This might sound nice to a lot of people, but it’s deeply anti-American; it’s the nature of a democratic society that we respect one another’s different experiences, and Jesus has nothing to do with being a good American.”

Tomasky then briefly and flippantly mentions that there are “zealots” on the Left as well, but that they don’t “wrap themselves in the Shroud of Turin;” in other words, they don’t have all that icky God stuff attached to their name.

Tomasky just relishes every word he gets. He glories in belittling Michelle Bachmann, her faith in Christ, and her run in government. In his unnecessary degradation, he blatantly makes up what he believes were Bachmann’s intentions in running for office. Finally, based only on his own pet theory, he decries Bachmann for being anti-democratic, and anti-American.

As I mentioned before, Michelle Bachmann isn’t without her faults; no one is. But during her tenure in the House, and brief bid for the Presidency, she held strong to her political convictions. She wanted Obama out of office; she wanted to repeal Obamacare; and she did everything she could to rally her fellow Conservatives. Most of all, she started the Tea Party Caucus to give a voice to a quickly growing movement within the Republican Party. As evidence that the Tea Party Caucus is a thorn in the Left’s side (and thus, a good thing), Harry Reid recently declared that the Republican Party needs to oust Tea Party representatives from their seats of power.

Michelle Bachmann understood us in a way many politicians do not. She had our interests in mind, and I am truly sad to see her go. I hope that whatever she does next will continue to rile up the Left.

When everyone was saying the same thing; when all the so called Conservatives in Washington were chanting the Party-line, Bachmann stepped up, and actually tried to do something. Though her beliefs were often based in common sense, she was torn apart by the media, the Left, and often even her own Party.

Thank you, Michelle Bachmann, for sending the Left into a foaming frenzy in a way very few people are able to do. Though you have been attacked–even in your departure—it merely means that you’ve managed to make a difference in the political world. It is truly a badge of honor to be so reviled by the Party of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. It’s been real.