Liberals Quicker to De-Friend People Based on Political Views Than Conservatives

A recent study showed that liberals are more likely than conservatives to de-friend their Facebook “friends” over political views. I guess conservatives are more tolerant of other people’s views. That’s really not all that surprising. It’s not hard to be more tolerant than liberals. The Daily Caller reported:

Of the respondents across the political spectrum, 26 percent said they’ve “hidden, blocked, defriended or stopped following someone because they disagreed with something that person posted about politics.” Of those 26 percent, 44 percent were “consistently liberal,” and 25 percent were “mostly liberal, for a total of 69 percent of people on the liberal side of politics who have rid themselves of someone from their online life because they disagreed with them politically.

Across the aisle, 31 percent of people “consistently conservative” and 24 percent of those “mostly conservative,” for a total of 55 percent, have purged someone from their online life because of political differences.


Pew found 16 percent of those “consistently conservative,” and 9 percent of those “mostly conservative” have “stopped talking to/being friends with someone because of politics,” for a total of 25 percent.

Liberals, on the other hand, reported much higher numbers. Only 10 percent of “mostly liberal” respondents abandoned a real life friendship over politics, fully 24 percent of “consistently liberal” people had, for a total of 34 percent.

Just read some of the liberal commenters on this site to get an idea of just how tolerant they are. And hypocritical. They’re some of the most judgmental and nasty people I’ve ever seen, all while they gripe and complain about how judgmental and intolerant conservatives are.

But conservatives are much more likely to engage those nasty people in discussion, rather than foul-mouthed rants full of ad hominem attacks.

I think part of the reason for this is that to liberals (and Atheists), facts, reason and logic don’t matter. In fact, most liberals are immune to the facts. Since they’re not driven by the facts, they must be driven by something else. It’s often greed and envy, which is why they’re so angry all the time, and have no choice but to resort to petty name-calling.