Liberals Outraged That Bobby Jindal Isn’t Using His Race to Get Votes

As Bobby Jindal is set to announce his candidacy for the presidency, a Washington Post article has painted him as the worst thing a liberal could possibly imagine: someone who doesn’t use his race to his advantage. I would clutch my pearls, but I’ve done it so many times at this point, I need new ones.

The WaPo article speaks of Jindal’s parents and their decision to raise their children as “Americans.” It talks of Jindal’s conversion to Christianity, and how his big Indian donors have left him. It talks about when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the U.S. and Jindal didn’t attend the event. He was booed. Basically, it paints Jindal as someone who is ashamed of his race.

WaPo quotes an old Jindal donor and Democrat Suresh C. Gupta:

“So what if he’s Republican? So what if he’s Christian? I don’t care about those things. But you can’t forget about your heritage. You can’t forget about your roots.”

Varun Soni, dean of religious life at the University of Southern California, delivers the final blow in the piece, saying:

“When Bobby started his political career, perhaps it made strategic sense for him to downplay his Indian heritage, but in this day and age, I don’t think of his ethnic identity as a political liability. President Obama showed how one’s diverse and global experiences and identities can be a political asset, specifically among millennial voters.”

Essentially, Bobby Jindal isn’t Indian because he doesn’t pimp out his race to get votes. That’s the thrust of the piece. Woe that Bobby Jindal doesn’t identify as “Indian-American,” and doesn’t constantly talk about his heritage, for that’s how you win elections! No. That’s how Democrats win elections; they divide and conquer.

Jindal’s press office responded to the piece by saying:

“For years, liberals have attacked Governor Jindal for not being brown or Indian enough for their liking. Liberals are fixated on race.They have said he is ‘trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin’…Governor Jindal is proud of his heritage. He believes we need to stop fixating on race and hyphenated Americans. We are all Americans.”

To the Democrats, if you’re not using your race or gender to snag votes from “your community,” or using your race or gender to amp up your standing in the polls, you’re not truly black, or truly a women, or truly Indian. And if you’re not truly black, or Indian, then you must be trying to “distance yourself” from your heritage because you’re ashamed; you must be trying to be white. You’re an Uncle Tom–or an uncle Punjab, as it were.

God forbid a candidate whose skin isn’t blindingly white not bring up his or her heritage every single change they get! It’s racial treason! Stick together; hyphenate your Americanism. But–as Jindal notes–that only leads to more division. Surprise! Division leads to division.

Barack Obama has used his race to lead this nation to its most divided state since the 1960’s. He has fostered tensions between the black community and the rest of the nation by stirring the pot at every opportunity. He does this because it creates an environment in which Democrats succeed.

Democrats thrive in a world in which every race, gender, and sub-grouping of every kind is pitted against each other because they can then pander to the specific and artificial grievances of those groups.

Hispanics: immigration. Blacks: racial injustice. Women: the war on women’s autonomy. Gays: the bigoted conservatives. The poor: the evil rich. The list goes on and on. Each disillusioned sub-group living in a constant state of outrage is massaged with precision by the left through manufactured division. It’s a false carving-up of a community that should be striving for unity as Americans.

Bobby Jindal knows this. He’s not ashamed of where he came from, but he understands that American exceptionalism is created through uniting the disparate threads of the various communities in this nation, not by pushing them further apart.

So, good on you, Jindal, for not behaving like a Democrat and pimping out your race-stats to get votes. And Washington Post, nice try.