Liberals Forced To Blame Obama Rather Than Admit Populace Feels Threatened

Obama is looking like a loser and he must hate it because, this time, it was not his fault; not mostly. But inevitably, as this state’s domestic disarmament campaign is defeated, liberals cannot admit what a tiny minority they are, and how much the country is against them. So they have to pretend that their public loss was due to Obama’s incompetence.

Thus this new editorial in the Huffington Post:

“Organizing for Action (OFA), the so-called 501(c)(4) grassroots organization founded by White House operatives and led by Jim Messina, was supposed to deliver masses of people, many of them young veterans of the Obama political campaign, to support administration initiatives such as gun control and immigration reform. But, so far, it has turned out to be just a fundraising mechanism to lure big money to White House coffers… White House staff have demonstrated an incredible lack of interest and/or incompetence in failing to call out nonprofit sector organizations as activists for tighter gun controls. Surprisingly, they have done no such thing. They haven’t, as one might have expected, convened any conferences or workshops for nonprofits to enlist them as soldiers in the battle for gun control. Nor, as far as we know, have they reached out to individual groups to gain their support for such an initiative.”

So if Obama had just worked harder and implemented a better strategy, it would all be better and we would have banned some or all weapons.

But despite what some polls are claimed in the Sandy Hook aftermath, gun control has never been a winning idea for the majority of Americans.  Obama had to try for it to keep his enlightened liberal street cred, but there was little chance that he would win the issue.

And consider how this is all taking place at a time when many liberals (the ones who really care about the word) know that Obama is a police state killer, not a peacemaker. They know about his record of prosecuting whistleblowers. They know about his drone kills. They know about how his administration has used armed police raids for nonviolent offenses like the allegations made against Gibson Guitar. Despite all the pretence that we need a national conversation about guns, the last thing Obama wants is a national conference on his competency to be the head of the agency that uses and controls all the guns.

When the Huffington Post asked for stories of gun violence from readers in Idaho, William Grigg promptly responded with a story of how a SWAT team was used in response to a false domestic Violence report because the police had profiled the home owner as a ‘constitutionalist.’ I doubt the Huffington Post will use the story, but they will notice it. Likewise, people notice the behavior of Obama’s supporters, like Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Liberals see the police state hypocrisy that such people use.

Perhaps I’m being naïve and optimistic to think Obama’s defeat represents such a consistent response to his behavior. Perhaps. But until I see evidence to the contrary, I’m going to assume that actions really do have consequences and that the people really are losing faith in their god of war masquerading as a god of peace.

Obama didn’t fail because of bad strategy. He failed because people don’t trust the regime to disarm them and yet protect them.