Liberals’ Desire to Be Ruled Will Lead to a Totalitarian Government

The New Republic is a publication that really has no business not displaying the hammer and sickle on its website’s homepage, so left-wing are its writers.

Timothy Noah writes for TNR that President Obama, with no need to appeal to the majority of the country anymore since he will not be up for re-election, should now rule by executive fiat: “With the election over, the president can now take bolder action on a host of domestic issues that don’t require cooperation–or even input–from Congress. Though some of these actions might be controversial, that concern matters less now that Obama has faced voters for the last time.”

Noah here is admitting that he wants Obama to dictate rather than to comply with the separation of powers established by the Founders.

Isn’t it incredible that liberals are so willing to be ruled and dictated to? Where does this desire come from? What makes a man volunteer his rights in order for a politician to execute his own agenda? As demonstrated in all of the Democrats’ policy positions, they fear having to be responsible for their actions. When things go badly, they can blame someone else–the person who led them there. Hence their constant strive to elect leaders who are so eager to assume ever more power–specifically, left-wing Democrats.

An example of one of the unilateral moves Noah wishes Obama to make in this second term is to grant amnesty to even more illegal immigrants than he did in his first term, particularly to “agricultural workers,” a phrase which any Republican would be called racist for uttering, the suggestion that many gardeners and landscapers are Hispanics (even though it’s true).

“Such leadership,” says Noah, “could finally pressure Congress to get moving on immigration reform.”

You see, Obama will take action first, directing the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting the illegal gardeners and landscapers (“agricultural workers,” euphemistically) employed by the white liberal elites, and this will encourage Congress to follow suit. “Well, Obama is going to grant amnesty anyway,” Noah seems to believe they will say, “So let’s just get it over with. Amnesty for all!”

Not going to happen. Nor will Republicans agree to any of the other proposals Noah suggests to the President, which you can read at the link above.

But as Noah says, who needs Congress? Not Obama. This liberal totalitarian wants Obama to impose his will on the rest of the country, seemingly unaware of the long-term consequences of bestowing onto any president the power of diktat, a power that all successive presidents will also have. And that includes Republican presidents.