Liberals Demand $15 An Hour To Flip Patties

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

Often, I may come across as someone who doesn’t understand other people’s plight. For many people reading my writing, it may seem that I have no empathy toward the poor, and disenfranchised of America. That’s not the case. Just because I enjoy logic, and reason doesn’t mean I don’t feel for people. However, my empathy does have its limits. It is tested by the stupidity of humanity on a daily basis—specifically, by the stupidity, and intentional ignorance of liberals.

The issue of the week that just won’t go away is the fast food minimum wage. I was on Facebook, and a suggested ad appeared in my feed. The ad was for a petition. The petition demanded a “livable wage” for today’s fast food workers. Believe me, I understand that making ends meet is tough, especially in an economy like ours (thanks, Barack), but I just cannot get behind paying someone $15 an hour to flip patties. Here’s my reasoning:

1. Working in the fast food industry requires very low skill. It is one if the lowest skill jobs available. That is why it often serves as an entry job for teens. I cannot justify paying a fast food employee the same wage as nursing secretary. Low skill jobs tend not to pay much because anyone can do them.

2. More importantly, the economic effects of raising the wage to $15 an hour would be deeply felt. Allow me to create a very simple analogy. Say a fast food restaurant makes $1000 a week. This restaurant pays $400 in operating fees, and franchise fees a week. To their 5 employees, they pay $100 a week. All told, the restaurant makes a $100 weekly profit. Now, the employees demand to be paid $150 dollars a week, because in this fictional world, $100 is not a “livable wage.” For the restaurant to accommodate these employees, it must cut costs somewhere, or fall into debt, and eventual bankruptcy. So, the restaurant decides that in order to pay their employees what they demand, they will fire two of them, and distribute the fired employees’ paycheck to the remaining. Now, each employee makes $150 a week, and the restaurant doesn’t have to deal with an angry mob. This is a problem, however, because in order to accommodate the wage hike, the jobs market suffered. Two people lost their jobs to raise the wages of the others. The same thing would happen on a larger scale in the real world.

3. Finally, if we’re demanding wage hikes, why stop at $15 an hour? Why not $20 or $30? Setting a mandated minimum runs contrary to the free market, which evaluates the price of labor. It’s intellectually dishonest. Once a “livable wage” is artificially established, what’s to stop it being changed again based simply on the demands of employees? It’s asinine.

This movement probably won’t go away, because few people seem to understand how economics function. This movement, however, is based in ignorance, and promoted by liberal ideology. The Left’s goal is always more control. Control of the health system, control of the states, and control of the economy. They desire a consolidated power, and they won’t stop until they get it. Aside from the simple damage that demanding $15 an hour to flip patties would do to the economy, it hides a larger issue: the growing power of the federal government. Don’t fall for it.