Why Liberals Can’t See the Failures of the VA

“It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

Liberals all have one foot in reality, and one in delusion. They all have falsehoods they would prefer to keep alive. These things may keep them happy, or they may make them feel important. Whatever the need, they are a very adaptable people. However, when their delusion evolves, when it extends its reach beyond itself, onto others, it becomes truly dangerous.

I can’t be positive, because it’s impossible to really know, but I can say with a high level of certainty that Democrat leaders know very well that socialized medicine doesn’t work. I believe that they understand the principles of economics, but that their ideology overrides their intellectual grasp on the facts. However, I’d hazard an educated guess that most average American Democrats don’t understand the economics of healthcare. Rather, they don’t get why we can’t just socialize medicine. But with the recent VA scandal, they cannot continue to be blind.

Charles Krauthammer recently took to Fox to make an apt comparison between Obamacare and the VA:

“If there’s ever been evidence that a government-run system of healthcare is a disaster, it’s here…Its rationing, its waitlists, and corruption, and laziness – as you get when people are salaried, rather than working in the free market.”

Krauthammer gets it. He is able to see DNA of the VA in Obamacare. Their failures are the result of the federal government gone wild. We all know why socialized medicine doesn’t function, but now there is an example that is very close to home. Yet somehow, I don’t see this scandal changing the minds of any American who supports Obamacare. How could that be? We have an example of the absolute failure of government-run healthcare right in front of us! It’s all a matter of delusion.

Anyone who values a delusion above reality will always find a way to keep their vision alive. Ardent Obamacare supporters will tell you that the VA is nothing like Obamacare, or that the VA scandal will help us get it right this time around. They hold fast to their ideology because it makes them feel safe, or important. Their priority is not what’s right, but rather what they desire to be right.

Obamacare supporters want to feel like they matter, they want to have a hand in making this country a better place. They have latched onto the delusion that socialized medicine will allow everyone to have access to healthcare. When that delusion is confronted with reality, they find a way around it. They have prioritized themselves, and their self-worth, above actual results.

In the end, the adherence to Obamacare, even in the face of the VA scandal, is a microcosm of liberalism overall. Liberals adhere to a set of beliefs that makes them feel like they matter. Believing in Obamacare, amnesty, high taxes, social safety nets, and gun control makes them feel good, and reality won’t get in the way of that. They are the Party of delusion. And we all know how powerful delusion can be.