Liberals Call For Censorship Of Child’s Innocence On Jimmy Kimmel

There was a protest of reportedly over 1,000 people at ABC’s headquarters in Burbank, CA, on Friday over a Jimmy Kimmel segment that aired almost a month ago in which Kimmel has a discussion with a group of children about the United States’ $1.3-trillion debt.

Except the protesters weren’t exactly protesting the segment itself, but one particular child who, in his innocence, said something supposedly offensive.

Kimmel asked the table of who look like 7-year-olds how America should handle its debt to China, to which one white kid, bouncing around in his chair and animatedly gesticulating, goofily said we need to “kill everyone in China.” The Asian girl next to him was laughing.

The segment of posing questions to kids is called “Kids’ Table,” and its popularity is due to the same innocent nature that made Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” such a hit in America’s calmer, less politically correct days.

Young children have not been in the government school systems long enough for them to have been trained what to think. Children are unafraid to say things that, if an adult said, would make his peers gasp. For this very reason, a child waxing philosophical is one of the most enjoyable, refreshing things for adults to hear.

But social-justice warriors and thought-police run amok in modern America, so, as Kimmel has no doubt learned, it is unsafe to let children speak so freely.

Liberals are upset at the “kill everybody in China” comment because, in this particular case, it is a reflection of their failure in the school system to indoctrinate the little rascal. He isn’t yet a robot, so they’re angry. One of the mortal sins, they believe, is to speak one’s mind without first receiving their stamp of approval.

According to Burbank’s local newspaper, “The [Jimmy Kimmel] segment prompted a petition to the White House to investigate and cut it due to its offensive content. The petition has garnered more than 100,000 signatures.”

More than 100,000 thousand signatures?! This meets the number of signatures required in order for the White House to address the matter.

When the kid learns that what he said stirred enough outrage in over 1,000 people to inspire them to gather in the streets and yell about him, and that an additional 100,000 people want the United States government to “investigate” the matter, he’s going to feel shame and guilt for being himself. He’ll think that he’s a bad person.

That liberals are taking the kid’s benign, innocuous comments so seriously that they’re now calling for his censorship speaks volumes about liberals’ thin skins and humorlessness.