Liberals Already Running Out of Substantive Criticisms of Rubio

Conservatives are not the only ones looking ahead to the next election (including me); liberals are as well. And they’re not just looking at the next Democratic presidential ticket, but at the Republican one. They’re already trying to delegitimize the Republicans they most fear could pose the biggest threat to there being another Democrat in the White House in 2017.

This will continue for the next four years, of course–and from both sides, if I’m going to be honest. I certainly won’t refrain from analyzing potential Democratic candidates and determining whether they should or should not run the country, nor will I begrudge liberals for doing the same thing with potential Republican candidates.

But there are substantive things to worry about in a candidate, and then there are the irrelevant inanities with which liberals so often try to trap Republicans. The most recent example of this can be found in a GQ interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, released yesterday.

The interviewer starts off asking substantive questions, questions regarding Rubio’s childhood, his upbringing, his ambitions, the topic of politicians versus leaders, and so on.

But then the ridiculousness eventually came out, beginning innocently enough with the question, “You were obviously very moved by your grandfather’s dignity and your father’s dignity. What are the qualities that would qualify for a man to have dignity?”

Rubio answered, “Ultimately, the dignity that my grandfather and father had was showing up every day and providing for their families. The challenges they faced were very basic. You know, I think I said it in the book a tough day for me is if I lose an election or get a bad story in the paper. A tough day for my dad was they might be late on the rent. A tough day for my grandfather might have meant his daughters didn’t eat.”

And then, without following up, the interviewer asks from way far out in left field, “How old do you think the Earth is?”

Ah, now they’re getting somewhere substantial!

See, Rubio was answering the questions as any sane, reasonable, charismatic person would. So they had to ask about this potential President’s views on the origin of the universe in the hopes that he’d talk about some sort of God “nonsense” and disqualify himself (at least in the eyes of liberals) from the presidency.

“Marco Rubio” was trending on Twitter for a bit, with liberals freaking out over his answer, in which he stated, in part, “I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow.”

Precisely. What does it matter if politicians believe in evolution or Creation? I believe in Creation; I do not care if a politician, Republican or Democrat, does not. As Rubio explained, it is irrelevant to the issues that our country must deal with.

That the matter is of such importance to liberals goes to show that they have zero tolerance for those who hold beliefs different from their own.