Liberalism Teaches its Straight, White Male Believers to Hate Themselves

As an addendum to yesterday’s post in which I wrote about a liberal fascist who sought to have me punished for my political beliefs, I would like to point out what sort of people liberalism creates.

To give only one example of my point, though it is much more prevalent than this one case, I will use the man who believed it was his duty to report my politics to my boss.

That man has a website of his own (again, I’ll spare him the publicizing of it). The page that he devotes to describing who he is (typically called an “About Me” page), he has titled “Disclosure of Culture and Privilege.”

A disclosure is typically something that you would tell a person if you thought it would be unethical not to tell him; a warning of sorts. As a way for, say, a movie critic to clear his conscience, he would mention in his review of a certain movie any connections he may have to its production or to the people behind it.

The liberal in question feels it is his ethical duty to disclose to people his many “privilege[s]” in life. He writes:

“[M]y thoughts and ideas are embedded in a culture and colored by a long history of privileged thinking. For that reason, I feel it’s necessary to be explicit about both my culture(s) of origin and my matrix of privilege…. It is not my intention in making this statement to excuse any wrong or offensive things I say….[but] to give an honest reporting of myself….”

And what are these privileges of which he speaks?

First, he is white. But, he says, “I have some non-White (Penobscot) ancestry many generations back, but this genealogical fact has not reduced in any way the privilege I’ve been accorded as a European-descended person in North America.”

Second, “I was male-assigned at birth and, to the best of my knowledge, have no intersex traits. I identify as cisgendered, but I credit that primarily to my broad definition of gender roles….I don’t identify with any specific sexual/romantic orientation, mostly because absent gender-binaries the whole thing becomes too complicated to nail down in a word.” And he continues about his sexual orientation ad nauseam.

His other privileges include growing up without any serious abuse (though I’d adamantly argue otherwise) in an upper-middle-class family.

More confession: “I have also done very little to deliberately divest myself of this privilege…but I do what I can to make myself aware of my privilege….”

This man has a serious pathological guilt complex. (Be forewarned: he says he is studying to be a child psychologist.)

It is a terrible thing that liberalism makes people feel so ashamed of who they are. Americans used to take pride in their abilities and blessings (now blurred together and dismissed as privileges). Liberalism brainwashes people into despising their “birth-assigned” identity if that “identity” stems from the biological fact of being straight, white, and male.

There has even been a new word created to demonize straight people, which you saw the liberal above use: “cisgendered,” or simply “cis.” It means you’re straight, but it is a pejorative term used by straight liberals for self-flagellation.

How ironic and fascinating, however despicable, that liberalism declares natural what is a shameful and shameful what is natural.