Liberalism Is A House Without Walls

Wendell Willkie said: “It is from weakness that people reach for dictators and concentrated government power. Only the strong can be free. And only the productive can be strong.”

The federal government is like a house; it is built upon a foundation, and stands as a single entity. But within the house are many rooms, each serving a different purpose. Liberalism says that to make a nation, we must eliminate the walls from between each room, making the house into a single, undivided whole. But without walls, a fire which could have been contained to a single room and dealt with if there were walls, will spread to the entire house, destroying it.

A home without walls strips any man of privacy, it removes the individuality from human beings. Man thrives when he is his own person, able to exist as a singular entity with personally chosen connections to others, a contrast to others. Without a sense of individuality, and contrast, a man loses incentive to be himself and compete, over time blending into an American conglomerate. That is how the Liberal views mankind. Liberalism wants us all to be the same, with equal healthcare, equal jobs, equal houses, and equal lives. They want a socially engineered society in which everyone is the same.

Finally, a home without walls is weak. Walls act as load bearers, dividing responsibility among several points of pressure. In the same way that walls act to remove pressure from a centralized point, states act as pressure valves for the United States. States are experimental hubs in which ideas can be tried and tested, creating an environment of competition which serves to better all of us. Centralized government is slow, it is an accumulation of too many moving pieces. Centralized government fosters a level of power that leads to corruption. Slow and corrupt is a country without walls.

Liberalism wants a country without walls. Conservatism recognizes the value of divided power. A house without walls is certain to collapse, but a well structured house with many rooms will have a long life. The Left will try to convince you that singularity makes us stronger, that division makes us weak, but the opposite is true. Without division of power, we are not a free country, we are a dictatorship.