Liberal State Politicians About to Pick America’s Pockets

Once again irresponsible liberals find themselves in a fiscal jam and are shamelessly panhandling for a handout. Illinois and other democratically controlled states want all Americans to help save their obscene public employee pension programs. Conservatives better get their act together because our nations wallet is about to get lighter.

For decades the residents of liberally governed states have had a grand time enjoying the benefits of irresponsible campaign promises. The ranks of the so called public service sector swelled, politically connected unions were formed and backroom patronage ruled the day. Some estimates total combined state pension liabilities at 2.5 trillion dollars and liberal state governors are floating the idea of adding their financial liabilities to our national debt.

Until recently states like Illinois, New York, California and others have been avoiding the ramifications of their elected official’s corrupt benevolence by borrowing money to service their public employee pension liabilities. In some cases state governments have altogether skipped pension payments further downgrading their already abysmal credit ratings. If I’m not mistaken didn’t they put Bernie Madoff in prison for this type of financial trickery?

Perhaps the time has come for runaway state governments to get their fiscal houses in order by asking their residents to suck it up and do without.  To be candid, I don’t give a hoot about the fiscal stability of liberally governed states. It’s their right to drive themselves off a cliff and with the right comes the full responsibility for their inept state governments. Liberal populated states in our nation should alone endure the aftereffects of their blind allegiance to failed progressive ideals. After all it can be argued that they asked for it when they abdicated power to the clowns they elect time after time.

According to reports, Illinois leads the nation with 167 billion dollars in under-funded public pension liabilities and their current Democrat governor Pat Quinn is squealing for a federal bailout as part of his 2012 fiscal budget. Governor Quinn like his predecessors (two of whom are in prison) doesn’t have the political stones to stand up to public employee unions and admit the state pension funds are doomed to bankruptcy. Like all good liberals he believes the Federal government should print more money and pitch in to solve Illinois’ self-imposed fiscal crisis. After all we are in this together?

Conservatives are being given a golden opportunity to put liberal idealism and it’s failures out to pasture. While me first liberals continue to squirm for a spot at the dried up government teat conservatives should turn a deaf ear. Not one nickel of U.S. currency should be printed and not one bond issued to provide relief to liberal ideologies self-inflicted wounds. Our nation can no longer afford to continue to suckle corruptions litter.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker should serve as an example to other states being bled out by public employee unions. The fact stands that our nation doesn’t generate enough wealth to satisfy the insatiable appetite of protected government employees. Second to unfunded national entitlement liabilities, public service sector employee pension and benefits swallow an offensive and irresponsible portion of annual state budgets. Our nation’s sorely needed infrastructure investment is being spent on current and future public sector retiree pensions and benefits while our roads, bridges, dams and our electrical grid are patched with foreign materials by undocumented immigrant labor.

Illinois residents have chosen to wallow in corruption and squander their futures and the bill is due.  Bankruptcy is not terminal; it will provide Illinois needed protections while they cut back and root out the financially devastating effects of decades of corruption. The path too state fiscal stability begins in Springfield not Washington.