Did Liberal Senator Really Just Help Re-Elect Wisc. GOP Gov. Scott Walker?

Wisconsin politics has been embroiled in controversy ever since Republican Scott Walker was voted in as the state’s governor in 2010. Unlike many politicians, Walker kept most of his campaign promises, especially the ones about reducing the state deficit and working towards a balanced budget.

In doing so, he stepped on the toes of the unions that represent state employees and the unions have been gunning for him ever since. They mounted a recall drive against Walker but he won that election with a slightly greater lead than his original election.

This year the unions and liberal Democrats have mounted another huge campaign attack against Walker in an effort to turn the state back to its old ways of deficit spending and loss of jobs. They have even enrolled the help of Michelle Obama to campaign against Walker.

Now a liberal progressive website called Think Progress is reporting that a liberal Democratic Senator from Vermont may have just helped Walker get re-elected. What makes this article so interesting is that it has to do with Wisconsin’s voter ID law.

All the Wisconsin law does is to require voters to have a valid photo ID in order to cast their votes. I’ve had to show a valid photo ID every time I’ve voted in Kentucky since moving here in 1996 and see nothing wrong with it.

However, liberal Democrats continue to complain that the law discriminates against young people, minorities and poor people, which for the most part vote Democratic. For some reason, they believe that these groups are less capable of obtaining a valid photo ID than older white people who are not poor.

I’ve always contended that these people are fully capable of obtaining a valid photo id if they wanted to. The state motor vehicle department provides FREE photo IDs for voting purposes. Many of these same people are fully capable of applying and receiving welfare, food stamps and other government assistance, but for some reason they aren’t capable of obtaining a valid photo ID. What I find hypocritical about this is that most of the people receiving government aid have to have some form of ID in order to obtain that aid, but liberals say they are incapable of obtaining one to vote with.

The Wisconsin voter ID law was challenged in court. A federal trial judge ruled against the voter ID law, but that decision was appealed to the US Seventh Circuit of Appeals. The three judges on the Seventh Circuit panel, all of whom are conservatives, overruled the federal judge’s decision and re-instated the state’s voter ID law.

The plaintiffs then asked for the full Seventh Circuit Court’s panel to rule on the case. The decision came down to a 5-5 draw, which by law means that the decision rendered by the three judge panel will stand and so will the photo ID law.

Now here is why Think Progress is claiming that Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is responsible for helping to re-elect GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, gave each senator a veto power over anyone nominated to a federal judgeship in their home state.

The Seventh Circuit court of Appeals is supposed to have 11 judges, but there are currently only 10 serving on the bench. According to Think Progress:

“In 2010, President Obama nominated a University of Wisconsin law professor named Victoria Nourse to this vacancy — Nourse was one of four potential nominees suggested to the White House by a nominating commission sponsored by the state’s two senators. This nomination died, however, after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) defeated incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) in the 2010 election. Shortly after his election, Johnson objected to Nourse’s nomination, claiming that the University of Wisconsin law professor ‘has very little connection to the state of Wisconsin.’”

They claim that because Johnson was given veto power by Leahy and used that veto to block the appointment of a liberal Democrat to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals which should have tipped the court’s decision 6-5 in favor of blocking the voter ID law. So now they claim that there will be fewer blacks, poor and young people voting in November and that this just may help to get Scott Walker re-elected.

It’s completely absurd to claim that people who are fully capable of obtaining IDs for other purposes are not capable of obtaining one for voting. If you believe their logic, then I have some land to sell you.