Liberal Self-Esteem Culture Is Killing Our Children

“Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.” – Arthur Rimbaud

How much time do we waste by being sensitive? What portion of our lives are frittered  away by being hurt? Oversensitivity has become an epidemic—to use a woefully overused word I despise. Over the last two decades or so, self-esteem and self-worth ideology has become a central piece of the lives of every American child. There is certainly value in cultivating a child’s self-worth, but just like everything else that is good, it can, and has been taken to unnecessary extremes. Additionally, oversensitivity is not the fault of the child, but that of the parents.

According to Breitbart:

“A high school football team in Texas has been accused of ‘bullying’ after routing an opponent 91-0 in a game last Friday. Aledo High School’s football team has been enjoying a great season this year, but after the recent 91-0 shellacking, a parent of the defeated team decided the lopsided win was ‘bullying’ and filed charges against Aledo High’s coaching staff.”

The complaint—which has been made available to the public-chronicles the thoughts of one of the parents of a member of the losing team. The parent prattles on about how they couldn’t understand why the coach of the opposing team didn’t ease up when the game was “in hand.” They write about how they didn’t know how to explain the extreme loss to their son. Cry me a river.

I’m sorry, but this parent is doing some real damage to their kid if this is the attitude they display. Life isn’t easy; everyone should know that. Everyone wins and loses at different points in their lives. Without losses, winning would mean absolutely nothing. What is this kid going to do as an adult? What happens if he receives an F on a college paper? Will he fall to the floor, gnash his teeth, and blubber for an hour? What happens if he gets chewed out by his boss for no reason other than his boss hates him? Will he just sit there and soil himself until his mother comes to the rescue? No. At least, that’s not what should happen.

Adults should be well equipped to deal with difficulty in their lives, and the years during which they learn those mechanisms should be their childhood years. It is crucial to teach your kids that failing happens, and that it doesn’t mean they suck at life. It simply means that they failed once, and they should try again, having learned from their loss. If we fail to do this, we will have a society of 30 year-old children.

This culture of self-esteem is no doubt the brainchild of Liberalism. In a society in which everything is handed to us, there must be a way to differentiate value. So, rather than base value on achievement, the Left bases it on nothing. In a society in which everyone is the same—because capitalism is mean—success becomes meaningless. And lack of success and a variance of achievement creates an environment of laziness and emptiness. If we don’t have value based on our achievements, a substitute must take its place, and that is baseless self-esteem.

This approach to parenting not only robs children of the joy of achievements, but it also robs them of individuality, which is the exact opposite of the Liberal intention. Liberal philosophy tells us that we are all unique star children, and not a single other person is like us, then it proceeds to strip away everything that actually makes us unique. This leaves us as blank-slated egomaniacs. We have a self-worth that is based on nothing. With no successes and failures to our names—that which actually defines our individuality—we become a homogenous blob, ready to be molded into the perfect Democrat voter, dependent on the government that gives us everything we need, because we have no skills.

What Liberal philosophy doesn’t recognize is that it is failure as well as success that gives us worth. It is the ups and downs of life that chisel us into who we are. We can’t waste our lives being hurt. It’ll only land us on the government dole.