How Liberal Queen Lena Dunham Succeeds Without Being Funny

They say that drama is easy, and comedy is hard. That statement really comes to life when watching liberal comedians. Being funny used to mean going for the joke, no matter the circumstances. Being a comedian used to mean that you were funny. Now, being a comedian—at least a popular one—means attacking conservatives relentlessly.

Now, I wouldn’t be opposed to jokes made at the expense of conservatives if they were actually funny. What I’m quickly getting tired of is so-called comedians simply attacking conservatives, sans any structure, or discernible comedic elements, and raking in the cash. Apparently, all one has to do to be a successful comedian is to make a bad Sarah Palin joke—perhaps something as witty, and cutting edge as mocking her Alaskan accent—and the industry begs for you to do a TV pilot.

Speaking of sadly unfunny liberals who have made comedy careers out of being liberal, Lena Dunham has once again gotten the attention of the media for her anti-conservative remarks. At a recent gathering, Dunham quipped: “I’m sure there’s some really great [Republicans], but I haven’t met them.”

Ha! She’s so funny, and quirky! And the fact that her jokes are at the expense of Republicans means they’re well-written! Because comedy or something.

Lena Dunham is a shining example of the not-very-funny-but-super-liberal-so-let’s-all-pretend-she’s-funny movement that has swept comedy the last several years. Along with the Bill Mahers of the world, Dunham has happily secured her place among the liberal elite by making obvious jokes about people hated by the elites. She’s a court jester, fulfilling the narcissistic needs of the kings and queens of the Democrat Party. This kind of comedy is a means by which liberal PC nonsense can be pushed on the masses.

If any other television show did as poorly as Dunham’s Girls has done for HBO, it would have been long cancelled, yet Girls remains inexplicably alive—and renewed for a fourth season before the third season even premiered. HBO is staying in the Lena Dunham business to score political points. They love having a show that receives such high liberal critical praise, despite its incredibly low ratings.

It’s all a vicious circle. Liberal critics praise Girls because it satisfies their delusional belief that the world around them is just as they are, and HBO eats up the praise, and sweeps in the awards. It’s an insular little world that has been built, and Lena Dunham is its new queen. But the worst part about it is that she’s not very funny.

Another round of lazy Sarah Palin jokes, please! I ran out of Ambien.