Liberal PSA Propaganda: You’ll Die Violently Without Education

Liberals want mass immigration by Third Worlders into the United States for the exact same reason they push for more public education: more Democratic voters.

Marxists infiltrated academia in the 1960s and they never left. Since then, they’ve only gotten more liberal. Mainstream Democratic politicians know this, and that is the reason behind their insistence on there being more public education and on more kids going to college.

Democrats have even suggested allowing the children of illegal immigrants to stay here as long as they are pursuing higher education. Why? Because higher education is where outspoken Marxists pollute the minds of kids and turn them into Democrats.

In President Obama’s State of the Union speeches this year and last, he called for “free” government education for every 4-year-old. Seriously, people, what 4-year-old needs to be marched to a public school?

Liberalism knows no boundaries, though; in Australia there is something called the Learn for Life Foundation, and they created a public-service announcement that’s pure propaganda.

The 1-minute and 45-second video opens with some high-school-aged teenagers ditching school with soft folk music playing over the otherwise audio-less video. The kids hop into an old VW hippie van, change out of their school uniforms, and throw the map out the window as they hit the open road. So romantic.

They arrive at a sunny beach, surfboards and food coolers in hand. They splash in the waves with the sinking sun silhouetting them. One of the girls falls onto one of the guys and they share a kiss on the shore.

Then she gets up and starts running back to the dry sand, looking back over her shoulder at the guy in a teasing sort of way. The guy gets up to follow her, but suddenly we hear a small beep and the girl explodes.

Yes, she explodes. The music has stopped suddenly and sand and guts are flying everywhere. Two of the other truants, first one and then the other, horrified at their recently blown-up friend, burst into shreds of skin and ropes of intestines. A bloody foot without a leg lies in the sand.

The only one left is one of the girls, who collapses in catatonia to her knees as she takes in the gore all around her.

The camera then shows a sign on the fence that they sneaked through to get onto the beach. “Restricted Area, No Trespassing Beyond This Point, Explosives Testing Site.”

And then the point of the PSA appears in text superimposed in the video: “This is what happens when you slack off.”

Liberals all over the world desperately want you to go to school. If you don’t, they warn that you could step on an explosive and become seagull food.