With Liberal President & Courts, Why Bother With Border Patrol & Immigration Laws

Between President Obama’s actions and those of liberals judges, it almost begs the question of why bother having Border Patrol agents and immigration laws anyway.

Since taking office in January 2009, Obama has been bent on opening the borders to millions of illegal aliens just so that they would vote for him and other Democrats.  He ordered US Attorney General Eric Holder to stop enforcing parts of the federal immigration laws and only deport illegals who had felony records.  All other illegal aliens would be allowed to stay and work in the US.

When Congress wouldn’t act on immigration reform, he illegally declared his DREAM Act to be law, allowing nearly one millions illegals to not only stay in the US, but to allow then to obtain work permits, driver’s licenses and receive other federal benefits.  The reason for this move is that with a valid state driver’s license, anyone, including illegals can register to vote and Obama is all about voter fraud.

Some states like Arizona passed state laws to prohibit illegals from obtaining state driver’s licenses and from receiving a number of state welfare benefits.  But California, led by a flaming liberal governor and state legislature is following Obama’s lead.  They have allowed illegals to obtain state driver’s licenses and a myriad of state benefits.

Of course this should be no big surprise since Hispanics are now the largest ethnic group in California, surpassing the number of Caucasians in August of 2013.  Some are already referring to southern California as northern Mexico with more and more towns becoming predominantly Hispanic.

To show their acceptance of illegals, the California state legislature had passed a law allowing illegals to obtain a license to practice law in the state.  The action was taken because of Sergio Garcia from Chico, California.  He is an illegal who attended college and law school and wants to practice law in the state.  When he tried to apply for a law license, the US Justice Department surprisingly fought it claiming that federal immigration laws do allow for illegals to obtain professional licenses unless states specifically pass laws to allow such licensing.

In response, several state legislators pushed their bill through to allow illegals to obtain a license to practice law.  The bill was supported by Gov. Jerry Brown who signed it as soon as it reached his desk.

However Garcia’s case still went to the California Supreme Court who just ruled that Garcia can obtain a license to practice law in the state.  In their ruling, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote:

“We conclude there is no state law or state public policy that would justify precluding undocumented immigrants, as a class from obtaining a law license in California.”

How can someone who is in the country illegally and guilty of violation of federal law be allowed to practice law?  Yes I understand that he was brought to the country when he was younger, but if he wanted to practice law here in the US, then he should have taken measures to become a US citizen first.  If he is allowed to obtain a license to practice law while being guilty of violating federal law, then is the precedent being set to allow any criminal to obtain a law degree and obtain a license to practice?  If not, then what’s the real difference?  How can someone living in violation of the law be expected to practice the law?

Obama and liberal Democrats are more concerned about 10-11 million illegal votes than they are about national security, jobs and benefits for Americans.  In some areas along the border, illegals get more benefits than US citizens.

Border Patrol agents like Brian Terry risk their lives every day trying to protect our borders for what?  Did you know that over half of the illegals detained by the Border Patrol are allowed to remain in the US if they are not convicted felons?  If our government and judges continue to allow millions of illegals to stay in the US, to obtain work permits, driver’s licenses, receive benefits and obtain professional licenses and practice law, then what is the purpose of having any immigration laws or having a Border Patrol?