Liberal Poet: My Daughter Died For My Right To Choose

“I Think she was a she. No, I know she was a she, and I think she would have looked exactly like me….I would have stuck up glow up stars on her ceiling, and told her they were fireflies to protect her from the dark…I would have made sure I was a good mother to look up to…She could have been born…I would’ve supported her right to choose, to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine. I’m sorry, but you came at the wrong time…”

The above quote is an excerpt from a poem written by Leyla Josephine. This poem was extolled as feminist by The Huffington Post, as a beautiful example of female empowerment. This is what the left has come to, offering praises to a woman who aborted her daughter, then used that  abortion to further her celebrity by writing a poem about it.

I don’t want to do what I normally do, and analyze this woman’s behavior to make a point. This woman is a poet, and I will respond in a way that she could understand. This poem is called “I thought you were a human.”

I thought you were a human. No, I know you were a human.

Before you set aside your humanity to take your own daughter’s,

you were a person, with a soul, but that was before the slaughter.

You say you’re whole, but she’s hollow,

bereft of life, a life you swallowed.


God gave you life, and he wanted It for her too, 

but you didn’t, and you took it, so you could live to do 

whatever you wanted, and whomever you wanted 

without a consequence, to live a life undaunted.


You say you aren’t ashamed, and that’s a shame,

because you should be ashamed. It’s not the same

as cutting out a tumor, and you know

because you called her a she, but denied her right to grow.


You call yourself a feminist because you killed your kid

and you talk about her rights to do what you did,

but she didn’t choose to die that way, cut up, and torn

so you could live your life, a life reborn,

free of the responsibility of caring for life

a life you created, then ended with a knife.


You’re not pro-choice; you took hers away.

You’re a beast, and she just got in your way.

You cut her down like an old, dead tree

because you have no respect for this “she.”