Liberal Media Take Open Gun Carrier Picture Out of Context to Portray Them As Angry Bullies

The media are notorious for taking images way out of context in order to bolster a certain narrative, even though the image may have originally been completely irrelevant to whatever the media were reporting on. Or they’ll take audio and chop it up and make you think that George Zimmerman is a racist. “He looks black…” If enough people notice, they’ll peddle a scripted apology for their “accident” during non-peak hours when the fewest number of viewers are watching.

Case in point, the liberal website released a picture of a group of open carriers in Texas and explained that they were trying to intimidate a gun control group called Mothers Against Gun Violence. They headlined their article “40 Armed Gun Advocates Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence In A Restaurant Parking Lot.” Here was their image:

gun nuts intimidating

Sure does look intimidating doesn’t it? Especially the guy in red in the bottom left hand corner. They all look like they’re lying in wait, ready to pounce on those poor, unsuspecting gun-grabbers who are inside the restaurant.

If that were truly the story behind this picture, I’d agree that their behavior was uncalled for. That is not the way to exercise 2nd Amendment rights. We shouldn’t be bullies.

But it was hardly the case. Here’s the same group of people from a different angle:

gun owners posing for camera

Oh, now it makes sense. They weren’t lying in wait. They were posing for a picture. And all those anti-gunners venting their outrage at the first image just fell for a media trick.