Liberal Media Loses Half Its Viewers

The liberal media has taken a dive in ratings and number of viewers in the past year. About half of CNN’s and MSNBC’s viewers have abandoned them. So, I guess that means they went from 12 to 6.

I’m only joking. I’m sure they had well over a dozen viewers a year ago. And the truth is, everyone’s ratings went down. But CNN and MSNBC took the biggest hits. Here’s TV Newser:

While all the news networks were down this month compared to last November, due to the 2012 election, CNN was down the most. In the key [Age] 25-54 demo[graphic], the network was down -62% in primetime and down -59% for total day viewing.

The ratings for November, 2013 (Nielsen Live + Same Day data):

  • Primetime (Mon-Sun): 481,000 Total Viewers / 153,000 A25-54
  • Total Day (Mon-Sun): 335,000 Total Viewers / 100,000 A25-54

MSNBC suffered a similar fate resulting from disillusion amongst its previously hypnotized viewers:

In total day MSNBC was down -45% in viewers and down -52% in the demo. In primetime, the network lost half its viewership and more than half (-57%) in the demo. The ratings for November, 2013 (Nielsen Live + Same Day data):

▪         Primetime (Mon-Sun): 645,000 Total Viewers / 190,000 A25-54

▪         Total Day (Mon-Sun): 401,000 Total Viewers / 124,000 A25-54

The liberal media get hit the hardest, because its target audience is comprised of people who don’t really know anything or care about politics. They’ll vote for the cool-looking black guy or whoever can dance better, but when it comes to policies, those things are boring and stupid.

Here, watch these brilliant, college-educated Obama voters offer their opinions on the Benghazi scandal:

Those are the liberal media’s target audience, but they don’t care enough to watch. And remember, those people vote. Sometimes more than once.