Liberal Judge Protects Planned Parenthood From Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood in the state of Washington is so big and powerful that it seems attorneys are afraid to take them on and judges protect them when they are wrong.

A year ago, a woman identified only as SJ filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Tacoma.  The woman went to Planned Parenthood in June 2011 to receive an injection of the birth control known as Depo Provera.  Before administering the shot, which is administered every three months, one must be given a pregnancy test and indeed SJ was tested and told by Planned Parenthood staff that she was not pregnant.

Before the next injection three months later, SJ told Planned Parenthood that she was experiencing symptoms of pregnancy.  They gave her another test and again told her that she was not pregnant and then administered another injection of Depo Provera.  Over the next several months, SJ performed several home pregnancy tests, all of which gave her a positive result.  She eventually returned to the Planned Parenthood office and convinced them to run another pregnancy test.  This time their test indicated she was pregnant and an exam revealed that she was six and half months pregnant.

Taking Depo Provera injections while pregnant can lead to problems for both mother and baby and in SJ’s case, it did, leading SJ to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the abortion giant.  However, it took her a lot of searching to find an attorney that was willing to take her case.  SJ, who lives in Tacoma, ended up having to go to Everett to find an attorney willing to take her case.  Jenna Labourr, of Labourr Law was the only attorney willing to represent SJ against Planned Parenthood.  Labourr said she tried to find a co-counsel but no one she knew wanted any part of a lawsuit against the nation’s baby murdering institution.

Labourr filed the lawsuit which accused Planned Parenthood Tacoma of being guilty of medical malpractice, negligence and ‘lost chance’.  In addition to the complications associated with her pregnancy, she accuses Planned Parenthood of negligence for ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendation of a maximum of two years on Depo Provera by administering it to her for ten years.

In the lawsuit, SJ stated:

“My child’s delivery was a terrifying experience. After my daughter was delivered, I began to pass blood clots. The doctors could not stop the passing and could not determine its source. I had to be transported to the operating room and the doctors had to operate on me to stop the bleeding. I lost large amounts of blood and had to have a blood transfusion.”

“My life is forever altered as a direct result of [Planned Parenthood Tacoma]’s actions. I have been affected financially, emotionally, and physically. Many things in life are painful that were never painful before as a result of being on Depo-Provera for ten years. I have joint pain, muscle pain, and experience symptoms associated with bone weakness. If I ever want to be intimate with someone again without experiencing extreme pain, I will have to seek therapy to relax my permanently-contracted pelvic floor muscles. My relationships with family and friends were forever altered by [Planned Parenthood]’s failure to diagnose my pregnancy. I trusted [Planned Parenthood] to assist me in my family planning goals and I was sorely mislead and disappointed.”

Evidently, judges in Washington State have the same misgivings about being involved in legal action against Planned Parenthood because a liberal judge dismissed the lawsuit.  SJ says she is giving up and has no plans on appealing the dismissal.  It seems that having the full support of the White House and liberal Democratic Party behind them, along with half a billion dollars of taxpayer dollars has made Planned Parenthood a giant that few dare to fight.  We desperately need a Jack the Giant Killer with his trusty axe to fell this murderous giant and end its practice of murder and mayhem.