Liberal Group Lobbies for $20/Hr. Minimum Wage; Pays Their Employees $13/Hr.

There’s a liberal group called the Freedom Socialist Party that’s been pushing Congress to raise the minimum wage to $20/hour while compensating their own workers only $13/hour. Okay, maybe they’re a socialist group. Liberal, socialist…what’s the difference? How Orwellian of them to use the words “freedom” and “socialist” (two antithetical ideas) in the same group name.

Here’s The Blaze:

“Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour,” the party’s official 2012 platform advocates. “Provide a guaranteed annual income. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion.”

Yet, a Craigslist listing uncovered by Reason Magazine lists compensation for a part-time “Web Content Manager” position at $13.00 an hour, noticeably lower than the $20.00 minimum wage the group campaigns for.

I think this is what you call hypocrisy. They claim they want everyone to be paid at least $20 an hour, but they’re willing to pay only a little more than half that to their own workers.

What if the law that they claim they’re in favor of were actually passed, and it forced them to pay their workers no less than $20 per hour? They’d either let a lot of their workers go and then have to scale back their operations, or they’d just shut down.

That’s what most small businesses would do. The higher the minimum wage is, the higher unemployment becomes. Businesses would have to lay people off, simply because the money’s not there to bring themselves into compliance with the new wage law.

It’s true that large corporations are in a better position to afford it, and that these huge corporations could come to the rescue of all these newly unemployed workers. But a lot of people don’t want to work for a large corporation. I certainly don’t. Many of them would have been happy where they were. A high minimum wage law would force them out of the job they’re happy with into a job that will make them miserable.