Liberal Firestorm Coming If Michael Sam Doesn’t Get Drafted

“Man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it.” – John Steinbeck

Political correctness has evolved from an annoying problem to one which has great influence. There was a time—or maybe I’m just naive because of my age—when we weren’t stupid enough to get tangled in our own web. We didn’t allow our lives to be dictated by silly rules created by a small group of hyper-vigilant mini tyrants. But now, in the supposedly enlightened time in which we live, these Napoleons issue asinine rules which are to be understood as cultural law, then when those rules are inevitably broken—usually because they’re ridiculous—they publicly crucify the offenders. Obviously, by Napoleons, I mean liberals, and by the offenders, I mean the rest of us.

From the moment Michael Sam came out of the closet, I knew what was going to go down. For those who don’t know, Michael Sam, a defender for university of Missouri’s football team, came out as gay back in February. There was talk, following his announcement, that his coming out would hurt his chances of being drafted, but it was mostly dismissed as nonsense. If he was a good player, if he was a strong asset, he would be drafted. If not, he wouldn’t. Oh wait—there is one caveat: if he gets picked up, celebration! Tolerance! Etc! If he doesn’t…we all hate gay people.

There is one day left of the NFL draft, and one day left for a team to pick up Michael Sam. According to Cyd Zeigler, the founder of

“For them not to select him would be very problematic…If he isn’t selected, it’s a public black eye on the league.”

Checking back into reality, however, it seems as though the reasoning being the fact that Sam has yet to be chosen is a bit more…related to football. According to NBC News, it isn’t Sam’s sexuality that could prevent him from being chosen, but his actual—dare I say it?—performance.

“…his stock dropped after what analysts said was a disappointing performance at the NFL combine, where players take physical and mental tests in front of coaches and scouts.”

Could it be?! The second coming of football might not be picked because he didn’t do well at the combine? While his performance is very likely the reason behind his late pickup (or no pick up at all), I guarantee that the media will make this into a national hate crime.

You see, there are rules, and these rules say that if someone comes out as gay, anything negative in their life following their announcement is a cruel reaction to their sexuality. No. Matter. What. Reality be damned. If Michael Sam doesn’t get picked, God help us, the liberal firestorm will be furious.

Now let’s pull back the face of this situation, and look at the gears. Why the outrage? Because it makes conservatives look bad. Simple as that. Nearly everything liberals do boils down to making themselves look good or making conservatives look bad. By becoming indignant that Michael Sam wasn’t drafted, they make themselves look like compassionate, progressive people. They will then try to link it to hate, which they will then tie to conservatives. It’s all phony outrage for the sake of appearances.

Sure, if Sam was a perfect player, who did fabulously at the combine, and then wasn’t picked, there might be cause to suspect that something was amiss. But that’s not the case. In fact, his being gay might have absolutely nothing to do with his place in the draft, and that makes liberals furious.

Liberals get votes by dividing, and conquering. They separate people into categories, and they tell us that we are defined by those categories, and that we are competing with each other. The rich versus the poor, the straights versus the gays, the minorities versus the whites, and so on. They look like the good guys, but in reality, they are the ones creating the conflict. The Left will use Michael Sam’s late pick (or no pick) as a source of anger. They’ll use it to rile up one of their factions, and create a frenzy. In the end, the only ones profiting from the conflict are the Democrats.