Liberal Democrat Gets Caught Cheating During Debate

Liberal Democrat and Dirty Politician (and by dirty we mean CORRUPT) Charlie Rangel (D-NY) got caught cheating red-handed during a recent debate.

He is in a hotly contested fight with another liberal race-baiting Democrat, and was obviously losing the debate – so he tried to get a little help from his friends at Google.

And he got caught doing it…

Moderator: “Congressman, are you Googling during this debate?”

Rangel: “No. I just wanted to show that what he was taking out was consistent -“

Moderator: “But it’s not fair, because they don’t have their devices.” 

Rangel: Oh, I was going to show it to them, but you’re right!”

Very funny stuff.

But who’s the joke really on? Is it Rangel who’s been a corrupt buffoon for years? Or the voters who continue to elect him and must therefore be mind-numbingly stupid? Or the rest of us, who are forced to have him legislating for us when we completely despise and detest him and his opinions?

Maybe the voters in his district are all practical jokers running the longest joke in history on the rest of us.