Liberal Columnist: Obama’s Approval Ratings Down Because of Adam Lanza

There’s always an excuse. It’s always someone else’s fault.

If you remember, the dreaded sequestration (cuts in proposed budget increases) was the White House’s idea. Then when it went into effect, it was blamed on the GOP.

When Harry Reid shut down the government recently, and WWII vets were barred from visiting the War Memorial, it was blamed on the GOP.

And when it became widely accepted on both sides of the aisle that Obamacare was a disaster, it ceased to be a Democrat creation and all of a sudden became a monster created by none other than the GOP.

Now, the White House is having to deal with Obama’s plummeting 40% approval ratings, and we know that isn’t Obama’s fault, because he’s been perfect. It’s obviously someone else’s fault.

One columnist whose article appeared in the National Journal is blaming his lack of popularity on Adam Lanza. Of course, to liberals, Adam Lanza was the poster child of the NRA, the “evil gun lobby” group that is the reason the GOP is able to exist. So, this columnist might as well be blaming Obama’s low ratings on the GOP again.

Alex Seitz-Wald wrote that Obama’s righteous left-wing agenda started to unravel when Adam Lanza murdered all those teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary. He wrote:

 The Connecticut massacre set in motion a cascade of events that led the White House to burn through its only real window to accomplish its goals. The month before the shooting, Obama had won a convincing reelection and a modest popular mandate. One major liberal wish-list entry, immigration reform, seemed not only within reach but almost inevitable…

[But] Lanza’s rampage altered the debate in Washington. Suddenly, priority No. 1 wasn’t immigration reform but gun control. The base that had just elected Obama was clamoring for background checks and magazine-clip restrictions, threatening to desert the president before his second inauguration…

That meant immigration would have to wait. The clock was ticking on both gun control and immigration, but Democrats moved ahead with gun control first, recognizing that as the memory of the tragedy at Sandy Hook faded, so too would the impetus for new laws. The Senate spent months on a bill, which eventually got whittled down to a universal background-check provision, before it finally died at the hands of a Republican filibuster in mid-April…

The tragedy in Connecticut shocked the nation’s and the president’s conscience, and he felt compelled to respond to polls that showed overwhelming support for action. But that direction was set, in some meaningful way, by a confused 20-year-old with a gun, not the occupant of the Oval Office.

His poll numbers are down, because he’s not a good president. People are realizing that he’s just another lying plastic politician who doesn’t care at all about all the promises he made on the campaign trail, because he just wanted to be in power. To some, namely his voters, whose dreams of “hope and change” have been dashed, it’s been a rude awakening. As for the rest of us, well, we tried warning them, but they just called us racists.