Liberal Asks: Why Do Republicans Love Work So Much?

Satire can be written no better than by those actually being serious. I often come across articles by liberal pundits that are deadly serious, but come across as satire. This is because so much of what the Left believes is utter farce. When someone writes about something ridiculous the only result is comedy. In a new article for Politico, professor of leisure studies (yeah) Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt laments the Republican work ethic. He writes:

“…2.5 million. That’s the amount by which, according to the Congressional Budget Office, President Obama’s signature health care law will effectively reduce the U.S. work force over the next decade.”

Hunnicutt continues by describing the narrowing gap between work and play that has occurred over the last century. He mentions that over the last 100 years, Americans have gone from working all day to working 40 hour work weeks, or less. He argues that because of societal advancement, even the 40 hour work week is outdated, and that we should have moved on by this point in time.

“Most Americans approved, counting work reductions as the better half of industrial progress (higher wages and shorter hours). No one expected this progress would end…Then real progress would begin. Humane and moral progress. Instead of perpetual consumerism and the infinite increase in material wealth, we would naturally turn to improving the human condition…”

I suppose, even for Obama acolytes, there reaches a point at which one can no longer deny the great leader’s shortcomings. So, rather than deny the obvious and irrefutable, why not explain to the lowly masses why those supposed shortcomings are, in fact, great achievements? It’s a brilliant reversal from a Party and an ideology that is skilled at swift tactical transitions. Hunnicutt concludes his ramblings with the following:

“Perhaps the prospect that the Affordable Care Act would result in the reduction of working hours by a modest 2 percent might rekindle the old debate and resurrect the forgotten American Dream. We might even find in our recent history a more practical road to ‘full employment’ and a sustainable alternative to perpetual economic growth.”

Allow me to lay it all out for you, Hunnicutt. The reason Republicans want people to work is so the rest of us don’t have to carry extra baggage. Capitalism only functions when people have initiative. Once a certain number of people fail to see the value of work, and instead rely on the government for their wealth, the system collapses. There can’t be more people living off government assistance than there are taxpayers providing the government with money. At least, not forever. Would you enjoy living in an impoverished country? Maybe if you were allowed to paint? Oh wait, how will you buy your painting supplies? You have no money, and neither does the government.

The argument that work inhibits “me time” is asinine. The idea that our work weeks should slowly be whittled away so that we can have more time to paint and philosophize is untenable. It simply doesn’t make sense. Maybe Obamacare’s job killing will actually benefit us, making us better human beings. Who needs work anyway? It just gets in the way of leisure. It’s perfect farce.

Hunnicutt seems content to play around in a world that he likes to believe is a philosophy classroom—a low-level one at that. He does his best to justify Obama’s extraordinary lies and failures by making absurd arguments that could be easily deconstructed by a freshman philosophy student. But Hunnicutt is not alone. There are many Obama acolytes who will resort to the most outlandish arguments—that appear satirical—to defend their king.

The fools have descended farther than we could have ever imagined.