Liberal Anti-Gun Ad Actually Proves Pro-Gun Rights Argument

New York Nanny Stater Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group recently put together an ad in an attempt to prove that guns should be highly regulated.

However, after watching the ad many observers noted that the ad actually worked to argue the exact opposite of what it meant to.

Watch the ad and see if you don’t agree!

Just for fun we’ll also include a pro-gun ad that plays off of the anti-gun ad…

Here’s what Bloomberg’s group had to say about the first ad.

Warning: Some may find this video disturbing.
Stop violence again women. Text SAFER to 877-877 to urge Senator Heller to support legislation that will keep domestic abusers from getting guns. #SaveWomensLives

Here’s what the pro-gun group Liberty PA had to say in response.
A video recently released showing that women are more likely to be victims if they are not armed for self defense. Hope you enjoy this video to educate everyone on the importance of responsible gun ownership.