Lib Professor: Ben Carson Deserves “Coon of the Year Award”

Can you even imagine what kind of response a professor would have gotten for saying something like this about Obama? Republicans don’t even have to say anything offensive like this in order to be mistreated. The media take their quotes out of context all the time, and conservatives get skewered all because their critics distort what they actually said. Liberals can be as blatantly nasty and racist all they want, and they’re allowed to be. The media pretend not to notice.

This, from Breitbart:

Dr. Ben Carson deserves a “‘coon of the year’ award,” says a tweet from Anthea Butler, a University of Pennsylvania religious-studies professor and a frequent MSNBC guest.

Butler’s revealing invective was in response to a tweet from Daily Beast editor-at-large Goldie Taylor. That tweet highlighted a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson championed Americans’ right to fly flags — including the Confederate flag — that other Americans see as a symbol of hate.

Bulter, whose Twitter account is locked, apparently deleted the tweet attacking Dr. Carson. But not before someone captured a screen grab of it:


It was a big deal when the media reported that George Zimmerman allegedly said “f****** c**n” before shooting Trayvon Martin. That was about the same time they edited the 911 phone call Zimmerman made to make it sound like he was a white racist. As it turned out, he may have not used that slur after all. And he wasn’t even white.

Remember the kinds of things that reporter Vester Flanagan got angered by? He thought it was racist for his co-workers to talk about working “in the field.” “Oh, you mean like cotton fields? That’s racist!” Of course, blacks can say the n-word and c**n all they want, and nobody is supposed to bat an eye. If you’re white, you can’t even say “field.”