LGBTQQIIAA+ Heroes vs. Traditional-Marriage Supporters (a.k.a. Bigots)

By the Psychotic Liberal:

I just love it when conservatards complain about not being allowed to be bigots; it just proves how bigoted they are.

Let me excerpt some bits from TEABAGGER website Daily Caller:

Members of a group that promotes traditional heterosexual marriage say school officials at the University of Notre Dame called the police after group members set up a table on campus—even though “an officially recognized on-campus student group” had received permission for the display.

They make it sound all nice and innocent right? Like they’re the victims of some imaginary “gay police.”

The cops rushed to the scene after they got the call from school officials at the Roman Catholic school and quickly slapped a “cease and desist” order on the conservative group, Tradition Family Property Student Action, reports Campus Reform.

See what I mean?

TFP Student Action members say they were told by the University of Notre Dame Security Police Department—“fully authorized as a police agency by the State of Indiana”—that there is a distinction between having permission to set up a table and having permission to sit at the table.

Actually sitting at a table seems to require a totally different and higher level of bureaucratic authorization.

I love that The Daily Caller mocks the idea that they needed permission to sit at the table that they had permission to set up.

OF COURSE YOU NEED PERMISSION TO SIT THERE, JERKS! Setting up a table is one thing, but when you’re actually sitting there, your presence can trigger any LGBTQQIIAA+ who are walking past. It’s no less than a form of emotional abuse to be sitting there when people who might disagree with you and feel triggered could be exposed to your hatred and bigotry.

And then look at this bull:

TFP Student Action members were handing out a flier entitled “10 Reasons Why Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.” Ritchie said the response from students and faculty members ranged from respectful to supportive.

Then, a group of leftist students who support gay marriage arrived. They allegedly began ripping up the fliers, shouting a flurry of obscenities and suggesting that the message of religious conservatives does not deserve to be heard.

Yeah, right, I’m real sure that happened, uh-huh. Supporters of gay marriage and equal rights don’t do that stuff. We don’t harass others, but you know what? If they had done that, so what? Good for them, I say. There’s nothing wrong in defending yourself from the emotional abuse caused by the presence of that hate group. If they DID rip up the fliers of the hate group, which I know they didn’t do because we just don’t do that type of thing and we’re always calm and rational, IT WAS WELL FREAKING DESERVED!

Screw everybody who doesn’t support gay marriage, a.k.a. EQUALITY FOR ALL, a.k.a. EQUAL RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION!