LGBT Groups Complain “Transgender” Beer not Diverse Enough, too “Inflammatory”

Apparently, there’s a variety of hops called Jester hops that have a tendency to change sex “from female to male flowers prior to harvest.” What better way to celebrate diversity than with beer made with “transgender” hops?

Scottish brewery Brewdog partnered with LGBT group Queerest of the Queer to create this “non-binary” beer and donate proceeds to transgender youth programs. The beer is called “No Label.”

You’d think this would be a hit in the LGBT community, but as it turns out, some are saying that it’s not diverse enough, and that it’s actually “inflammatory.” CNS News reported:

The LGBT advocacy group Stonewall told the UK’s Independent: “While it’s encouraging to see BrewDog raising money for trans youth communities, and we like the ‘No Label’ concept, we’re concerned about the language. The trans community is diverse – many trans people do not transition, or identify with binary genders, and BrewDog’s language undermines that.”

I would have thought that it might if anything be considered somewhat inflammatory,” Trans film-maker Jake Graf told the Huffington Post UK of the beer’s debut.

“The Jester hops that change sex might be perceived as making a mockery of what is a rather sensitive subject for many people too,” he said. “I would say possibly a rather misguided attempt at waving the white flag, that I can almost guarantee will be met with disdain from the community. Once again it’s making light of an all too serious matter.”

Brewdog also came under fire on Twitter with some users calling it “insulting” and complaining that it “feels like you’re mocking us.”

I can’t figure out what would actually make these people hoppy happy. They complain about people not accepting them for who they are. They complain about not being treated equally. They complain about being excluded. Then, when a company does something like this to include them and create a product to celebrate them, it’s not good enough, not diverse enough. In fact, it’s terrible. It’s “inflammatory.” They interpret it as “mocking” them.

I don’t think the LGBT people know exactly what it is that they want anymore. They already have what they claimed they wanted, and even far more. Now, I think they’re growing complacent with their “normal” status. There are fewer and fewer things for them to be angry about. They’re treated better now than they ever have been. In fact, people treat them better than they treat others. That’s called special treatment.

But that isn’t good enough. They want to be angry at something all the time. When society gives in to their demands willingly and gives them special treatment, they find something else to get angry about. If it means getting angry over “transgender” beer not being “diverse” enough and getting angry with others inside the LGBT community for being a part of it, so be it.

The Church has been around for thousands of years, and people criticize it for being so fragmented. It’s true; it’s a shame. But look at the LGBT community. They’ve been around for a few decades, and they’re already falling apart.