Lesbian Waitress Scamster Has History Of Faking Her Victimization

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the New Jersey lesbian waitress Dayna Morales who made national news when she claimed to have been stiffed out of a tip by a couple of “homophobic” customers who “did not agree with her lifestyle.”

In the midst of what people thought was a hate-filled incident, Morales had received over $3,000 in donations from gullible people who felt her pain.

The entire thing was a fabricated. The “homophobic” couple (who apparently did not vote for Christie, because he didn’t support “gay marriage”) came forward after seeing the incident reported in the news and produced their receipt and a copy of their credit card bill showing that they had indeed tipped Morales $18 and left no note whatsoever on the receipt regarding her lifestyle.

Now, we find out that this isn’t the first time she’s done something like this. The New York NBC affiliate reported that when she used to work at The Cheesecake Factory, she told people she had brain cancer:

“She came in with her hair shaved because she wanted to shave it herself before she lost it,” said [former co-worker] Jacqie Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick said Morales also leaned on the cancer story to accept offers of help from friends at work. Then, she abruptly quit, according to Fitzpatrick, and her coworkers didn’t see her again until she appeared in news reports about the receipt.

NBC also reported that she was dishonorably discharged from the Marines when she stopped showing up to drill:

Morales was dismissed from the Marine Reserve Corps in May because she wasn’t attending drills. It wasn’t immediately clear how often those drills were held, and Morales did not respond to a request for comment. Morales was formally discharged, or released from the Marines, under conditions that were other than honorable, according to the source.

She was stationed in Newburgh, N.Y., and began serving in July 2009, military sources said. A woman who served with Morales told NBC 4 New York that the commitment is a serious one. “I wouldn’t want anyone to think she was a part of my Marine Corps family, because she’s not,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous because she is still on active duty.

This is like that Lincoln, Nebraska lesbian who claimed she had been the victim of a violent “hate crime.” At the time, the Daily Mail reported:

Rogers, a lesbian, said one man pinned her down while another sliced a cross into her chest, cut the front of her thighs and shins and carved derogatory words in her arms and abdomen…. She claimed they then rolled her onto her stomach and cut her buttocks, the back of her thighs and the back of her right calf. Rogers then crawled from her Lincoln home naked, bleeding and screaming for help around 4am.

Rogers claimed that the male assailants beat her up, spray-painted “anti-gay” slurs on her walls and even tried to set her house on fire by lighting gasoline that had been poured around her house perimeter.

Rogers’ Lincoln, Nebraska community and many homosexual activist groups around Nebraska supported her as a victim of a “hate crime.” Thousands rallied at a church service and several candlelit vigils in her honor. A local tattoo parlor offered discount “NO H8” tattoos, $10 of each tattoo going to a fund for Rogers. They raised over $500 for Rogers.

Then it was found out that she made the entire thing up herself. Yes, she was the one that spray-painted the slurs on her walls, and she was the one who cut herself. There were no masked men involved.

I don’t think these people want tolerance or “equality.” What they really want is for people to hate them and mistreat them so that they can claim to be victims. And when people don’t openly and violently hate them, they have to commit these acts themselves. They’re that desperate.


H/T to Hot Air