Lesbian Mayor Violates State Law Concerning Same-Sex Benefits

With President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s examples of blatant violation of federal and state laws with no consequences, other liberals are following suit.  The US Constitution, federal and state laws mean nothing to ether man.  Obama regularly assumes the role of Congress and declares laws to be not enforced and he changes the terms of existing laws without going through the legal channels through Congress.  Holder is just as bad by willfully refusing to enforce a number of federal laws and to not prosecute friends of Obama for crimes caught on video and witnessed by police.

So should it be any real surprise to see other liberals like the mayor of Houston Texas doing the same thing?   Annise Parker (D) was elected mayor of Houston in 2009 and sworn into office in January 2010.  Her lesbian partner is Kathy Hubbard.

Without going through the city council or paying any attention to Texas state law, Parker took it upon herself to issue a directive to the city’s Human Resources Department instructing them to start paying benefits to employees AND their same-sex partners who were legally married in other states that allow for same-sex marriage.  In issuing her directive, Parker said that she met with City Attorney David Feldman who said that denying such benefits may not be constitutionally valid.

In making his ruling on the issue, Feldman admits that Texas law clearly forbids legal protection or benefits be extended to persons involved in a same-sex marriage or union.  He also admits that the Texas constitution defines marriage as one man and one woman.  Knowing what the state constitution and law says, he personally believes that they are unconstitutional so he advised Parker to go ahead with her directive.  Doesn’t this sound just like Obama and Holder?

Parker’s directive is already coming under sharp criticism.  Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz, who is also one of the non-profit’s attorneys spoke out about Parker’s action saying:

“It’s outrageous that Mayor Parker and the City of Houston think they have the authority to rewrite the Texas Constitution on marriage and blatantly ignore their citizen approved city charter. Mayor Parker’s self-serving efforts to force city staff to willfully violate the Texas Constitution is one of the most dangerous and egregious forms of a Washington-style power grab I have ever seen. She’s practically telling Governor Perry, Attorney General Abbott and the people of Texas to ‘Come and Take It’.”

In 2001, Houston citizens voted on a city charter issue to deny benefits to same-sex partners of city employees.  As stated above, the Texas Constitution defines marriage as being a union between members of the opposite sex only and state law forbids benefits be given to same-sex partners.  Three legal documents – city charter, state law and state constitution all say that what Mayor Parker did is illegal.

At this time, there has been no official response from Texas Governor Rick Perry or State Attorney General Greg Abbott on Parker’s actions.  Both men are strong supporters of traditional marriage and this is one of the issues that Abbott will probably use when he runs for governor in the next state election.  Hopefully, Abbott will file a lawsuit against Parker and her directive and that lawsuit will be held up in court as violating local and state laws.

This is just another example of how liberal Democrats have no respect for the law unless it can be used to further their socialist and perverted agendas.  They feel they can willfully violate any law that they don’t agree with.  If they want to be consistent, then no American should have to live by any local, state or federal law. All of us would be free to do as we please to whomever we please.  There would be no need for police, courts or government.  Society would rapidly decay into total chaos and society would become a dog-eat-dog culture.  That is if everyone did the same things as Mayor Parker, Attorney General Holder and President Obama.