Legal Action Filed Against IRS for Long List of Complaints

Mark Meckler, formerly with Tea Party Patriots but now with Citizens for Self-Governance filed what he hopes becomes a class action suit against the IRS.  There are a number of groups involved with the case including:

“Norcal Tea Party Patriots, Faith and Freedom Coalition of Ohio, Simi Valley Moorpark Tea Party, Tampa 9-12 project, South Dakota Citizens for Liberty, Texas Patriots Tea Party, Americans Against Oppressive Laws, San Angelo Tea Party, Prescott Tea Party, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and others.”

In the legal action filed, Meckler is demanding payment from the IRS for:

  • Actual damages for violating the Privacy Act.

  • The costs of complying with additional demands for information about an application.

  • Loss of donors.

  • Loss of membership fees.

  • Damages for the violation of constitutional rights.

  • Damages for loss of the benefit of tax-exempt status.

  • Damages for impairment of constitutionally protected rights.

  • Punitive damages.

  • Litigation costs.

  • Attorneys’ fees.

  • And more.

Meckler told WND that the goals of legal action are to discover what former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner ‘wanted to do and did,’ and to find out whom else was involved in the IRS attacks on tea party and other conservative groups.  He wants to know who made the decisions and who carried them out.

The ironic thing about the case is that America was founded upon freedoms of the people and the openness of the federal government, but that is not the America of today.  Meckler explained:

“The interesting thing to me is the federal government … making allegations that Americans have no right of recourse when government targets them and tries to prevent them from speaking.”

This is spelled out in the legal action filed which states in part:

“Elements within the executive branch of the federal government, including defendants, brought the vast powers, incomprehensible complexity, and crushing bureaucracy of the IRS to bear on groups of citizens whose only wrongdoing was their presumed dissent from the policies or ideology of the administration.”

“In other words, these citizens were targeted based upon their political viewpoints.”

“[Specifically, the IRS and individuals involved] employed an array of tactics, including extra scrutiny, intimidation, harassment, invasion of privacy, discriminatory audits, disclosure of private information, and years of delay.”

“[The result was predictable:] a chilling and muzzling of free speech and association.”

“The IRS’s knowledge that this discrimination was illegal is evidenced by their scheme to keep the people’s duly elected representatives in the dark about it. When members of Congress asked IRS officials … whether the IRS was targeting certain groups for different treatment, the IRS officials provided misleading and deceptive responses.”

“[Conversely], there is no evidence that liberal or ‘progressive’ political groups or groups supporting the re-election of President Barack Obama or the election of Democrats were targeted for similar delay.”

I still contend that President Obama was behind all of the IRS targeting.  How else can you explain the fact that the then leaders of the IRS visited the White House many more times than any other Cabinet member?  And since this started at the top, you can be sure that Eric Holder and others will do whatever they have to in order protect Obama from implicated in the scandal.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Meckler and the others involved in the case become targeted by the Department of Justice, just like they did to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he launched the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.  Two years later and they are still harassing Arpaio.