The Left’s Weaponization of Fear

“Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself.” – Samuel Butler

Fear is one of the most basic platforms of the human mind. It is one of just a few remedial pieces which define our humanity. Fear, hate, anger, envy. Under the right conditions, we can be reduced to these most base elements. Once we have been carved down to our bedrock, we can be manipulated in the worst ways. Just as Samuel Butler wrote, fear acts as a static which clouds the mind, blocking its higher function.

Politics is fear, politics is anger, politics is hate, and politics is envy. Well, allow me to clarify: liberal politics is all these things. I’m not saying Republicans are innocent of this behavior. Far from it. But the Democrats have mastered the art of base manipulation.

Liberals rule the roost when it comes to fear. More than any other base element, fear is the most effective liberal tool. Barack Obama has been a terrible president. He has added more to the debt than any other president in history, his signature legislation, the ACA, has been an unmitigated disaster, his administration has been plagued with multiple scandals (Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious), he has alienated Israel, and he has divided us. I could write a book on Obama’s failures, yet the second anyone criticizes him, they are labeled as “racist.” Legitimate criticisms are devalued immediately with the racist label.

This isn’t anything new, nor is it anything surprising. However, there are a good many people who don’t understand what’s going on. They hear politicians, celebrities, and pundits call critics of the president “racists,” and they don’t question. They absorb without a second thought. Then there are those who, out of fear of being labeled racists, will not dare to criticize Barack Obama.

Fear is a control mechanism. Liberals know this very well, and they use fear to keep people on the defensive. No one wants to be called “racist,” even if they know it’s not true. So long as people are clouded by base fear, they will not have time to come to their own conclusions. It takes a critical spirit to discern the truth, and as long as fear holds them in place, people cannot think critically. Racial fear is keeping Americans in a zombified state, marching to the drums of the media empire, which is just another arm of this Democrat administration.

Don’t fear being called a racist, or sexist (when Hillary arrives in 2016), or xenophobic, or fascist, or whatever the Left throws out at you for daring to question the almighty leader. It’s going to happen. It’s our job to wake this country up. It’s time to eradicate the irrational fear heaped upon us by the Left, and fight for the truth, no matter the consequences. If we don’t win in 2016, being called a racist will seem like a flick on the wrist compared to the pain of a disintegrating nation.

Fear is static. Truth is clarity.