Leftists Like to Praise the Majority, Until They Aren’t the Majority

A hilarious, though disturbing, exercise is to study how much the unaptly named Democrats flip flop on the subject of democratic rule and majority opinion.

When the majority wants something the Democrats also want, they love to talk about how Republicans are a “minority rule” party trying to overturn the will of the people. But when the majority votes for something the Democrats oppose, they just as easily talk about how there are certain “rights” and “truths” that cannot be contravened, no matter the will of the people.

There are so many classic examples: marriage “equality,” gun control, socialized healthcare, regulations based on climate change predictions, you name it. And now the midterm elections. Sometimes, even in the same editorial, a leftist will flip flop on the validity of the majority opinion. Take for example, a recent article in the Washington Post. The author writes:

The nonvoters who allow their government to be shaped by a minority of the electorate aren’t America’s happiest people.

Right. Because the midterm elections are turning Republican merely because a majority of Americans (who, of course, by necessity would vote for Democrats) don’t vote. Okay. But then a couple paragraphs later in the same article, the author writes this:

I was at a brunch Sunday sitting next to Kris Perry, who was one of the plaintiffs in the landmark case in California that went all the way to the Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8 and begin the nationwide turning of the tide on same-sex marriage.

Proposition 8 is a classic example of people coming out in droves to vote, including a far greater percentage of African-Americans (about 70% of whom voted in favor of Prop 8). Prop 8 was passed as a state amendment—a majority of Californian voters wanted it. And this wasn’t because a bunch of people just sat out the vote. The vote on Prop 8 drew a huge crowd of voters. The fact is that the majority will was to reject same-sex marriage. But a few members of the elite federal judiciary decided to overturn Prop 8 as unconstitutional. This was a classic case of minority opinion trumping majority rule. But leftists praised it, including this author for the Washington Post.

So tell me, leftists: Why should people be motivated to vote when their opinions might just be overturned if they don’t vote your way? You get millions of African-Americans and minorities to the ballot box to vote on Prop 8, only to reject their opinion when it doesn’t agree with yours. I cry foul. Democrat party indeed.