Why do Leftists Hate Housewives?

From reality shows like the badly misnamed Real Housewives to the acerbic reviews on the new movie Mom’s Night Out, leftists prove daily that they hate real real housewives and everything they stand for.

While it is perfectly acceptable for Hollywood to portray housewives as miserable, gossipy, hateful, backbiting, empty-headed trophy wives barely surpassing the role of concubine in a modern marriage paradigm that looks increasingly like legalized prostitution, the idea that there might be strong, intelligent women who are actually fulfilled by being keepers at home … well, that idea is verboten.

An article in Inquisitr considers some of the reviews on Mom’s Night Out, a clean Christian comedy that supports the traditional definition of marriage and affirms that “domestic” bliss is possible, if difficult to maintain:

The choice of millions of moms who choose to stay at home with their children is attacked and belittled by critics in an unprecedented display of hostility. The Wrap demeans all stay-at home moms in one fell swoop: “Allison’s lack of a profession consigns the character into Eisenhower-esque irrelevance.”


The New York Times insults stay-at-home moms, especially those with toddlers, and minimizes the tremendous emotional and physical toll that being “on” takes on a person, one who takes care of children round the clock, with no time-outs, no down time, no breaks at the spa or gym, just the constant task of taking care of children, day-in and day-out, with only the rarest of nights out. The critic obviously has no frame of reference from which to speak when he slams Allyson, played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew, saying that her “character, frankly, is an insult to the millions of women who have much more to deal with.”


Wow. Could he BE more insulting?

Probably. Feminists are much less forgiving of housewives than liberal men. Liberal men have some sort of an unspoken vow of silence on women’s issues—they always defer to their female shills (it makes them look so sensitive). But the female mouthpieces of the liberal agenda have traditionally declared that being a housewife was a copout—a surrendering of female power to a chauvinist system designed to keep women down. So Lilith forbid that any woman should actually find fulfillment in being a housewife. That’s just not possible. Or, the feminists will say, these “happy” Stepford housewives must be brain-washed. Or just stupid. Or something.

And all the while, this very small sliver of women (who cannot find fulfillment in any other professions than ones that men are already doing well) insult the majority of women while abdicating the only roles that men can’t do at all. And who are the real feminists?