Why The Leftist Media Attacks Christianity

Malice is why the world attacks Christianity, not ignorance.

Truth is strong, and sometime or other will prevail.” – Mary Astell

People love the truth when it confirms their behaviors, but hate it when it shows them to be in the wrong. Hatred of hard truths is the origin of all lying, and the engine of malice. A new book called The Lost Gospel claims that a 1500 year-old manuscript shows evidence that Jesus, and Mary Magdalene were married, and had several children together. Thomas D. Williams, of Breitbart, wrote a scathing piece about the soon to be released book, in which he chronicles the ways the authors manipulated the 1500 year-old document to suit their purposes:

The fact that none of their claims have historical or scholarly backing would usually mean that the book would be consigned immediately to the dustbin of literary history. Such would have been its fate, were it not for the collusion of the media who will entertain any theory—no matter how silly—that purports to undermine Christian belief.”

For starters, the manuscript was written hundreds of years after the life of Christ—which should be an obvious indication that its claims may not be factual. Second, the characters mentioned in the document are named Joseph, and Aseneth. The authors claim that these are code names, which really refer to Jesus, and Mary Magdalene (because they would know). The best part of the story is that one of the authors of The Lost Gospel, Simcha Jacobovici, is a known sensationalist of alleged anti-biblical findings. He was responsible for the documentary which claimed that the tomb of Christ had been found—and we all remember what a crushing blow that was for the Christian community (heavy sarcasm).

Williams goes on to quote several scholars from Oxford, and Duke who specialize in religion, and religious texts, all of whom balked at this allegedly provocative Lost Gospel. In his conclusion, Williams asks the following questions: “Why do the mainstream media give credence to ridiculous claims that are so easily proven false? Is it laziness or malice or some combination of the two?”

The answer is clear: it is malice which drives people like Jacobovici, and those in the mainstream media to constantly, and aggressively counter the bible, and its message. Why? Because Christianity is a threat, and as such, it must be crushed at every opportunity.

The central message of the entire bible is that we, as human beings, are sinners, and that it is only through Christ that we may be saved. The bible also lays out many practices that are considered abominable to God, and therefore anathema to Christianity. At large, the Christian faith proclaims that human beings of all nationalities, races, and creeds are in need of Christ’s salvation, and that if they don’t seek it out, they will be damned. And we all know that people don’t like to be told that they’re wrong. However, it is written in our hearts to seek God, and we are surrounded, and inundated daily with evidence that suggests a creator. Given that our very essence is driven toward God, many who despise religion the most are those who feel its truth most deeply. That is a frightening feeling to many, and for those individuals, it is a feeling which must be resisted, and countered with radical aggression. That is why they do all they can to discredit the bible, and its truths.

As we have evolved culturally, we, as a nation, have turned away from Christ. We have left the bible in the rear view mirror, and labeled it as fantasy—some have even gone further, calling it dangerous. We have culturally endorsed behaviors, and practices which are antipodal to Christian teaching, and as such, antipodal to God. As we march forward, and away from the truth, the attacks will only become more frequent, and more sophisticated, because we should be able to live exactly the way we want to without some book from 2000 years ago telling us what to do.

These bombshells are always met with enthusiasm by the media, and given full engagement. “Could this change everything we know?” they ask provocatively. In the end, The Lost Gospel will go the way of the alleged tomb of Christ, and every single other effort to subvert, and discredit Christ, and the truth of the bible. The bible has been around for several thousand years, and it’s not going to be brought down by an anti-Christian bigot with a rage-driven agenda.

However, it is important to know that it is not ignorance that drives these people, but hatred, and unmitigated rage. That distinction is crucial if we are to understand the world in which we live. Being weak-willed and soft-minded will only do us harm. We must understand the enemy, and commit to a plan of intellectual attack. Ignorance is honest, hatred is not, and to know the difference is to win the war.